Unanswered questions

Since one year anniversary of the insurgency attacks on Mumbai city I’ve had innumerable questions.

Why did IB not give inputs to Mumbai police?
The RAW sends alerts that are generic, who looks at them?
Who decides which of these alerts are generic, usual
Which of these alerts are specific & URGENT?
Why is it that all intelligence & security agencies worked in their own comfort zones?
It is said Karkare, Kamte & Salaskar were near the SBI office when they got a message on wireless saying 2 terrorists were in the bushes, yet they went ahead
They told the CP Gafoor do not send a back up team
However the wireless for Karkare & Kamte that Gafoor sent asking them to go to Taj & Trident was never sent…why?
The trio rejected a back up, despite knowing that encounters usually take place in staged managed environments. Yet they said NO back up? Why??
Thereafter when the officials knew that the back up is needed it wasn’t sent, why??
The Home minister said stupid things like “Such small things keep happening in large cities?” what was that? Why??
Why no one took the terror attack seriously??
Why was the CM slack about all handling of the things, instead of being on top them all?
Was it a zoo, the burning taj to take a sidey film maker with his actor son?
Most of all why was Gafoor removed?
Ram Pradhan headed a committee, till he met up wt Home Secy Narayan & Min P Chidambaram, he was fine
Then he began leaking information (allegedly) to the media.
Pradhan has said all is fine, Mumbai Police did a good job, But the leader wasn’t upto mark??
How is it that the team has performed well yet the head of the force should be removed? No where in the world do they do head hunting in this manner
Why did the Maharashtra govt not stand by him?
Just because they got 2 minority stat ministers of state for home, Nitin Raut (OBC) & Naseem Khan (Muslim) they made Hassan Gafoor a scape goat??
Why is it that all the police officers who died were Maharashtrians?
Because ONLY they were on the field.
Why is it that the 4 mentioned allegedly by Gafoor in an informal off-record talk – Prasad, Venkateshan, PB Singh and Deven Bharti were not even injured?
How could they? They were NOT on the field. They claimed to Pradhan committee they were waiting for Gafoor’s orders??
Who will hold them responsible??
Who will hold the majority culprits responsible??
I’m sure no one.
But just because one IPS officer from Maharashtra cadre, who happens to be a Muslim and has the guts to stand up to any pressure said, “Yes I’ve spoken everything off the record,” the spineless govt rejects his statement?
They are upset he spoke off the record?
Then Ashok Chavan, RR Patil, more so the foursome IPS cops should be first imprisoned for always talking to the press, off the record.

These and many more questions will remain unanswered, as usual.

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