Summer quick chutneys

Yeah, me too..but the reason behind this is I want to keep the dishes of my grandmother alive. Hence fell a prey to this.. Hope you enjoy eating after you make them. Remember you read it here…

Ambe daal

Now the one thing about Maharashtrian cuisine is that with change of season, the ingredients are in sync with the vegetable or fruit of the season. Ambe daal, is self explanatory. Raw mango with chana dal

Soak a vati of DSL overnight, drain, rinse & refill early morning
1 small kairee, raw mango
1 chilly
Pinch of rock salt (I don’t use Tata salt, but as per your tast)

Peel & grate raw mango
Slit the chilly keep aside
Add salt in the mixer
Grind the chana dal, don’t make it a paste, leave it rough,

(If you prefer spicy, grind the chilly with the grated mango & Dal)

The best part of Amber daal is it is quick, easy & tasty chutney. You can eat it with anything or even just have it with a roti/phulka

Amsul chutney

Now Maharashtrians traditionally use Kokam or amsul to add sourness to any dish. In summer it is kairee, rest of the times it’s the former. This chutney for some odd reason is made only on shraddhs (mourning period). The day of the deceased family member during Piyu pakeha, a delicious meal with full thali is served to the dead souls. (May be to ensure their ghost or spirit continues to remain fulfilled). My image used to be of my Aaji (paternal grandmother) who would make such delicious variety of food. She would prepare a thali for naividya and place it at the foot of the aram-khurchi, arm chair. And I would imagine my ajoba (grandfather) must have been sitting on it.

That thali would have amsulachi chutney. I never got an answer as to why the most tasty chutney was made only on that occasion guess I still won’t. But I like it and another easy to make chutney with no great ingredients is a tasty accompaniment.

Take 3 flakes of amsul (amchur)
1/4th cup of natural jaggery
Pinch of rock salt

Soak the amsul early morning
Grind it on hand pastel till it a paste
Add jaggery, grate it so that it is easily mixed with amsul
Taste, in case you need re jaggery add, it is not supposed to be sour
Add salt, grind it all
Stir and serve
This is a delicious sweet and sour chutney that can be eaten with rice, Kachori

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