Stray love

I am proud to be part of this team. I am not the pet loving sorts, because I am of the opinion animals should be allowed to remain in their natural habitat. My childhood friend drew me in her world of helping strays and for someone with zero experience I helped her rescue small kitten from under a car at an elite club in SoBo (South Bombay).

I had to keep it entertained and ensure it wasn’t scared to death. That the kitten was not aware not to paw me and scratch nails was evidently absent! From then on the number cats in our catland have touched a dozen.

I have been often stalked by stray dogs and cats. Demanding a pat or two, like it is their right. Must say it is far more enjoyable than proud parents who believe only their child is special or extraordinary.

Recently as I sat at the regular take away counter near my house for my quota of falooda just before the monsoons, I saw a blood eyed cat. He was scared, wanted affection but was trembling with fear. His right eye was not to be seen and when I queried the feeder Safwal Bhai, owner of Al Baik and he said it had been few days he was in this state. It sure looked infected and likely to cause more damage. I immediately put up on Twitter, sorwd the word among cat lovers. Most of all, I called Shankar, caretaker of cats in our compounds. He has been trained and is in constant touch with the venetnary hospital. He did primary investigation and told me to keep the cat occupied near us while he will rush back with a cat cage, he needed immedii hospitalisation.

As you see to your right, Jack Sparrow (I call him that and looks on adoringl) had a bloody eye. It was all quickly that we lured him with chicken and lifted him to put him in a cage. He screamed, howled, but obviously, but we knew we were doing it for his sake They promptly injected him and put him in a cage at the hospital. After a few days he was operated, the gangerine had spread and we couldn’t save Jack Sparrow’s (yes, you have to call him by the full name not just either) eye but his life was saved.

Then one fine day he returned to his domain, he rannup the stairs of a building. A night later I went to check on him and I haven’t seen such pure love! He ran to me, never thought cats had these emotions or showed them. He got himself patted, purred, playfully nudged with his open jaw where he wanted more pats and it was unusual friendship. Alao may be because ginger boy’s are more adorable says a cat lovers friend.

He knows my voice, he still has various sounds. My moments with Jack Sparrow are interesting. When he is getting attention, recently a stray dog came by and our pirate purred nastily that actually drove the dog away 😁 glad one cat saved, nine lives it is?

He is a joy to watch as he now has adopted a grey stray kitten under his guidance. So the whole existence continues, love taken forward in our universe.

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