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hellos late i have been wondering. Why do i write? is it because it is my profession? Is it because i want talk to myself? Is it because i feel there is something that anyone out there can read, may not necessarily gain anything, at least they can read something…is it because it is my own space that I have created that is for my thoughts? Whatever, all that is inconsequential.

There are films like Julia & Julian, they have highlighted how theirs is the most read blog, people buy-sell, advertise, & get money. There are examples like some Mahadevan Reddy & other women whose blogs sell. Why? Because they write on sex & food.

I write about what is important to me, concerns my living world….then i was told make space for advertisements…which i did & guess what?? I may be one of the veryyy few persons whose blog garners NO penny! Is that a surprise? Not at all.

But that makes my mind tick…what is this space for?? DO i also have to write things that will attract revenue? Sometimes these things matter.

And strange as it is our production head came by & told me, “What cool cat?” “Your are naughty cat”..hope You are earning something from your blog. I burst out in a heavy roar…laughter..i may be the only one who writes diligently,never thought of making profit. Now i think why not? this is my profession -writing. I Only know how to write & that too well…so then? the problem is making it more attractive to the readers. Now that is thought provoking.

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