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I’m not sure you have seen this video or not. If you haven’t I suggest you SHOULD. As a journalist I had learnt that one always gets a bloody good story in ordinary life! This video too my friend and co-creator of this YouTube channel #thereport and me got from ordinary life. We don’t track our videos on a regular basis. Sometimes we do, when suddenly we remember we have shot lovely videos, we have a channel and as a small reminder to ourselves we tweet them. the best part is while surfing YouTube this afternoon I read we have received over 3 million hits!

Wow! This is called a video has gone viral, right? We entered this virtual world to make millions, we are to make a beginning nowhere near million, but we have reached the million mark of hits. Now you will not have read of it or heard in any mainstream media. Because we do not lobby with the tech writers who obviously do not do proper research. But the virtual world is tracking it all and also has acknowledged our video. A young girl contacted us Last year on the comments below this video requesting us to allow her to feature the video. She wanted to also feature the team behind this. and that is how we were featured by .

Suddenly we had people informing us to give a price for this video, interested vendors wanting to buy this video. And their terms were of course absurd. They wanted us to give away our rights, if you please. Then few portals and online networks wanted to tie-up with us. I bet none of these had faith in both of us when we first embarked on starting this video. What clicks nobody can predict.

We showed the knife vendor the many thousand hits. He was nonchalant for being featured. He is a lesson for how to go about doing one’s work day in and day out, the same routine, at the same time, saying the same thing in the same tone!

The point however is about our channel and the success we have seen. I can say it’s NOT a dream gone wasted. We were called losers because when we were asked about business and marketing plans. And we will never have any. We are two creative and people and as we learnt from our subject we will continue doing what we believe in and that which gives us utmost joy-making videos.

This was what we wanted to do for our city Bombay. To showcase her in smallest manner with details that we see on daily basis. I think the important part here is to do it continuously with no expectations. Of course it is our dream to still make millions online ever optimistic 🙂 There is nothing that gives us more thrill than capturing the nuances of our city. So cheers! Time to celebrate.

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