do what you'd expect from others

I am surrounded by people who have air in their heads. Some empowerment, some responsibility & they behave like they have landed! lol! guess when one has always ‘wanted’ something badly, is willing to do anything to achieve it & then it lands in your lap not all take it in their stride.

Earlier on my responsibility was given to a younger colleague, who during one bad spell of rain showers buckled under pressure. I was asked to anchor, give check list & take the responsibility. She behaved really badly, shouted aloud let’s go for tea, turned to me & made a face..then later justified her actions..for a long time she turned her face away wt shame…aggression is form of self-defence! After a long time when she realised she came around.

Then she faced worse. My responsibility as taken away fm her too & given to another, who has worked the least in the last four years. Instead of making her feel she is being made accountable, she is made to feel like she is empowered. Air headed as they are called.

News & newsrooms are team work. Why don’t people understand that? the airs one carried about oneself can be easily blown away asap. The head then can be seen rattling, or shaking fm side to side.

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