Aazadi’ from political mess

So much confusion na about who is the minister or not? People should match their kundalis with ekach dada, Ajit dada. Arre, means what, two two times he becomes deputy chief minister with a different Chief Minister and now finance and planning with another Chief Minister. Now tell me how many people are so lucky, after jumping the boat while negotiations are going on, he is welcomed back with open arms, molly cuddled and made the in-charge. But then that is politics. Now it gives credence to conspiracy theory of Ajit’s uncle, full chacha-bhatija jodi.

But what I don’t understand is the Lashkar-e-Devendra. He is so desperate in wanting the gaddi of CM, sheh. He is truly practising day and night, “me punha yein”..whatay sorry state he left the Varsha bungalow in. Did not think he would let child unit and gang scribble rubbish in those walls. Every wall has a story to tell. Come to think of it, these leaders are crying hoarse of students becoming political? Yeah sure. Did you see the things written on Varsha bungalow walls? More incriminating than the students pritesting CAA, NRC, NPR. But then hum kare toh sahi, aao kare toh guilty.

Speaking of students, they have the power. If I were a parent, I woukd have asked the child to go to every protest, READ every poster, compile, compare and listen to those are talking..I am still doing it, except I chose NOT to be domesticated. NOT like the feku who deserted his wife. But if I see hope in the students, can see their steely grit and ‘listen’ to them, they want the same India which is stated in our Indian Constitution. It is NO rocket science. For all those proclaiming positives of CAA, NRC — of course they are upper caste, Aryan descendants, the same, majority of our country– why are they scared of the minorities? You are dominant caste groups, larger in number. You are educated and still you fear? That is how fragile your belief and ideology is? I would then prefer being with the minorities. What gives any government or thugs-cum-politicians right to deny any rightful citizen living in this country the authority to deny citizenship, to those who have been living here since 3 generations? How was this bill even passed? What is that they are hiding?

While the duo bull dozers continue allowing violence, their goonman, the main goonda, ya same to same, man who roams around in orange robes trying to pose as some ‘yogi’ has unleashed violence in University campuses. They want to have NO institutions with alternate thought or ideology. But then what you expect from chaiwala. Also, blame Congress for creating perceptions. That JNU is an elite institution. What they have failed to put across is students from far interiors of India go to JNU to study. You have to slog to clear entrance exams. They do it with zeal. Fact is, the chaiwala is erasing all that is elitist, much like what Communists did, but here, they are ruining lives by interlinking it to religion. Targeting only minorities. There will be a day when these two muscle men and only their bhakts will remain. But as the famous words are: yeh Hindustan humara hai, kisi ke baap ki jagir nahi. The duo right now are wrongly attacking the backbone of our country- students. And these students will not stop from teaching the duo a harsh lesson. May we all support them. Sadly many in the media and police are also perpetuators of violence. They are constantly leaking information, targeting specific members, mainly, the minorities. Like that young lady who held ‘Free Kashmir’ poster.

Sadly, some organisers had a face off with few reporters and then on, a group of reporters were hell bent on exposing anything they got from Gateway of India, causing the police to file cases and subsequently the protests were called off. Some went to the extent of shooting students rolling a beedi, trying to show it was hash and leaked it to the cops. I wonder the police work for the Maha Vikas Aghadi governmen, biased media or the BJP. And wonder how Uddhav Thackeray, Anil Deshmukh are like Alice in Wonderland mode. Ridiculous to say the least. That because she is a Marathi mulgi she is protected and no charges will be slapped on her. Meanwhile, that lady is depressed and is one disappointed lady who must be really feeling angry. Hope she springs back on her feet with a steely grit.

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