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Mumbai (Bombay) Wanderers


Here is just a new beginning of something I love doing — walk and explore my beloved city. I have now called my walk tours — Mumbai Wanderers.
Often tests are given to us to asses our IQ/EQ, etc, all management jargon, in which we have to choose a straight path or one that takes you into the fields/forests and let’s you explore. Well, my friends, I ALWAYS opt for latter.
I traverse the lanes, alleys, or as we say in Marathi – gully ani bol- some old, some ancient and some new. There is history beneath every layer and everytime I walk in familiar or unknown terrain I discover something new. A new vendor, a new shop, disclaimers below the name board, people who helped build this city and lot, lot more.
Firstly, I have got back to writing posts here 😄 doing something which I slowly am learning, to put it out there so you all can reach out if you want to go on some exciting adventures of exploring Mumbai with me.

So you can email me: neetakolhatkar@gmail.com
Mumbai has a lot to offer.

Corona Diaries -13

I have been trying various experiments to keep myself fit. Climb stairs in my building (which are easy on the knees), Mylo walk video my friend sent, yoga, core building, 8 figure, walk in my passage, walk in the lane, on the pavement below, name it. Then like few other citizens I decided to up on our terrace, which I realised wasn’t safe.

All attempts to sneak out to breathe fresh air and see the skies.