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Road to being millionaire

Now, I’m NO millionaire. But on the other hand my face shows I’m NOT deprived. so am i neither here nor there? NO, no. I’m clear i’m on the path that is tread by millionaires.

How? Simply i think I’m a billionaire even with few cents in my pocket. I don’t strive towards it. I just happen to be there where the Millionaires go. Seriously. And here i don’t mean those ones who have built hideous structures forcing themselves and their family members to live in them. No not these proclaimed millionaires or trillionaires. These are the ones who went first to Bhuj after the 2000 earthquake -because they claimed their roots were here & they wanted to start charity here. So even before the first buried was pulled out of the debris to give the dead a respectable farewell, the company’s banner was put up proclaiming they had adopted the village. Its another story that except for us media and the army, the company neither the people nor even relatives of the dead were there.

And now MA is still competing with his younger sibling on mere ghar tere ghar se jyada bada hai..dekho meine kya banaya..what you have? so younger billionaire sibling goes & builds yet another tallie scraper now on Pali Hill to be closer to all damsels in distress….these billionaires are on a totally separate lonely sky scraping trip…Not who i even count…

I’m talking of the few quiet millionaires who have shown the way in Mumbai. They were born with the qualities -value the place they were born, respect where they came from and whatever they had they should give back to the society. When i first applied for my carer’s 1st job & have since then written mission – strive to give back to the society, they snubbed me. I’m activist n all they taunted. What you mean by that? Change it, gives a wrong signal. I kept that only as my mission. What is a mission? how i can re-write it on paper & not change my mind set? i don’t understand jargons. Liar employers no wonder they indulge in politicking.

So i contd my life of doing something small. Including saving real tigers & giving real help, not listening to BigB or signing petition or singing/listening to a song on tigers. The other day my young friend MI & I went on our daily walks. I saw Adi Godrej & asked the bawi friend if she saw the elite company we were in. “No who,” she turned & saw AG’s shoes.

This evening while returning fm Pune as i was on my back fm the toilet i saw a Rolls Royce whiz past in few seconds. A familiar face. Who sent his drive to McDonalds, rushed with his hands filled wt packets, sat in the navigator’s seat & the person driving is one of the richest most sought after men on this planet. Shahrukh Khan!

Yes, after he went i overheard a man call his spouse on cell & said, “You know who jsut went by? You won’t believe, SRK. Its time i changed my cell. I wanted to capture, but sala this cell doesn’t have a good camera. You have to help me choose.”

I felt bad, i wanted to ask SRK about how long his tyres lasted on our Indian roads. Does he take his cars fm India to get a feel of phoren roads, or does he go to car rental agencies & then take phoren brand cars. yes, that once in a life opprtunity will come again. Then also wanted to ask more questions. How many ask him to donate? where he gives money or he doesn’t?

Then again i believe think big. Why think small & keep striving to earn more, if you keep doing that then you only remain small, believing you’re going higher, coz you still aren’t thinking BIG. I don’t think the mindset to donate, contribute whatever one has – skills, knowledge, advice, suggestion, ideas, even whatever little money. what’s there to make it big?  The point is to give back, acknowledge we are lucky to have got whatever little or more we have & share it with others.

I think i am on the right road. Warren Buffet is the man i’ve read, watched. I’m getting there. Haha definitely NOT to make that kind of money, but getting company of the billionaires on my path. The difference is Adi Godrej at this age also walks. He exercises & like 2 mad women who do the same, he too walks up & down the steep slopes & stairs of Malabar Hill Perhaps keeps him so trim. I have hope that means.

But ofcourse in the mean time, i have to think big & work towards to that HUGE thought. what my commitment is & what is do, is a personal thing not to be publicised -another quality like AG. good so the path in front is long, but I’m’ sure to reach there. yeah…seeing is believing, living it reiterates it….