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Ratan says Tata

Now imagine if Indian politcs were to become completely transparent & we’d get to see or read the individuals & wc corporate honchos contributed to political parties booties…whatta fun it will be.

the need of the hour is we must know who all people, which companies & indivuduals have contributed to the party funds of all our political parties. Some regional parties like Shiv Sena came up through extortion. MNS claims its different, but its roots are very much sowed in Sena. Now they claim their president has construction business from where they divert the funds. All the more reason i would like to know how much is black money, how many ‘favours’ how many donations and of what kind.

One loyal funding family to the political world has been the Tatas. Like with their social commitment and helping the masses or poor, the Tata sons have always made a rather fat contribution to the election duty-given funds. Over a period of time from a Congress stronghold, Indian voters & political system oscillated between Cong held regimes – well they have been; to Janta party rule to the modern coalition party led regimes.

Even in democracy we have regimes, coz they all are thugs basically. Anyways the Tata sons stood strong behind Cong. Though they were compelled to fund Sena-BJP in Mah and later for NDA. see, the latest chmn Ratan Tata’s reply to Rajeev Chandrashekhar. He makes it clear that there were maximum policy flip-flops during the BJP govt.

This all comes back to the 2G spectrum controversy. All i understand is that many telecom companies were given licences out of turn, they were favoured, cuts were taken & the telecom Minister made the most. what i’ve not understood is that did the others envy the cuts & wanted a share, they expected to get licenses, motives are NOT clear…even those of the media persons along with the PR lady named.

Howevre Ratan has said his Tata to all & sundry…politicians. He is losing it over the last few months i think. I admit to hainvg a high regard for the Tatas thanks to JRD the man & his policies. I’ve personally seen Simone Tata on innumerbale occassions at West Side, she comes in quietly, shops, buys products fm her own shop, guards don’t recognise her. She pays & walks away all very quietly. I’ve seen her take a hair cut, pedicure in Lakme’ salaon. She is a classy graceful lady.

Now this next gen Ratan Tata is a simple nice man. Kept his nose to the ground, despite all criticisms he continued building and more so expanding his empire. He also continued the Tata’s tradition of being the ‘solid silent types.’ However he has moved with teh times. From being complete NO Comments, don’t cross your boundaries, how he hired Radia and handed over all this Corp comm to her is still a mystery.

She mastered the art of building the wall, not just boundary, between Media & Tata sons, full group of companies. However the one remarkable change we saw in the last decade, slowly but steadily was that RT began smiling, becoming more media savvy, however reluctantly. His business has grown, so has his confidence.

But i never understood why he opted for Gujarat. That he agreed to, despite being sooo very critical of the BJP, this is paradoxical. It confuses me. It is also way off the policy of Tata sons that they carried all these years. They have been for pro-secular rest has been ‘no comments,’ being ‘politically correct’so this sudden paradigm shift of being pro-Gujarat even if it were for Nano was a shocker to many Tata fans. Let’s not forget Tata the name was famous in India, we know the singer Tata Young of Dhoom fame…was named after this group….

Now comes the whole telecom rada…every day a shocker after another. He said India is becoming a Banana nation – well late PM rajiv gandhi’s ‘humey banana hai’ had nearly taken us to that level. Then screamed the BJP govt demanded cuts when tats wanted to float an airline. then RT kept quiet, but chose NOW to speak abt it. Latest he is screaming that BJP demanded cash.

The siutation is getting more & more interesting, though RT comes across quite pathetic. Only wish he would’ve spoken at the time these things had occurred. I always told my father there’s NEVER a right time, its always now or never. Later no one will take you seriously. I can’t help thinking like this, coz i don’t connive. One can’t be calculative & stroke when the iron is hot, one is often seen as oppotunist. Though this really nice, educated man says something which i’ve lived by all my life – “I can sleep easy at night, knowing i’ve not paid money…” i do want to believe it…he may not. But yes he has hired somoene else to do his dirty work & well how she does!