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Corona Diaries -36

Rooms with different views:

I am fascinated by those living in a high rise, as you get a bird’s eye view. You get a broader view of a lot of area.

From the 37th floor there was a different view from each window of my friend’s house. On that day, fake videos did the rounds of crowds gathering for Eid. Just see for yourselves, where are the people?

On 1 side 1 could see the Eastern Freeway, Ballard Pier, JJ Hospital, JJ flyover, Gol Mandir, Saifee Hospital, Nariman Point…name it. Fascinating for sure

Corona Diaries – 32

Indian name boards and hoardings:

Firstly, do NOT judge. Be it English, Hindi, Marathi or any language, grammar is thrown out!

The names are side tickling and punctuations are hilarious, giving different connotations.

The Saifee Buhrani Redevelopment project is on and all those shops which once existed have been shifted yo another location. As s result, these people have put up the boards advertising their shops or wares. And they are funny.