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Corona Diaries – 29

Barren Queen’s Necklace: Dreamers are missed

I go out once in few days to assess the situation on the ground. Which roads are.ooen, how strictly is the lockdown and curfew being enforced.

Walked to Walkeshwar and one can see couples sitting under the trees, people walking up and down the main road of Malabar Hill. As long as one is within their area, as police barricades are at every major junction and police ask for papers once it is dark.

By which time, one tends to forget all worries, as the lights begin to shimmer along the splendid Queen’s Necklace. I miss the crowded horizon of people who look to the horizon far into the sea, holding onto their dreams tightly….her neck is barren, almost naked!

Corona Diaries – 23

Stay Home: message the authorities wrote at the main junction of Girgaon. Bold, but little followed.

We are being bombarded with the message, stay home, stay safe, through television, radio, newspapers, cellphones, but it is NOT something, people are used to.

Are they taking it lightly? Have reconciled to the dark truth, the virus will remain? Are they unconcerned or have they given up?