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Police goof on customs sex party, sensible verdict

The High Court mid last week gave one of the most sensible judgements in a long time. Bombay HC acquitted all the customs officers who were caught with bar dancers for indulging n pornography. The judge further said that adult pornography when indulged in and recorded within one’s private four walls is NOT illegal, especially when it is consentual. vv important landmark judgement. For those freakin’ losers, over excited moral brigaders looming within our society and in police force. Who have become unncessary pains by intruding in people’s private worlds -homes or parties. Remember i wrote a piece on this on this very blog 2 years ago.

How such swooping down on people’s private party won’t hold good in courts of law. I gave the reasons too. Consential sex, porno, party among adults is NOT a crime. Yes, it often is the envy of the neighbour, but it can lead to many legal issues for those who are intruding forcibly and the envious ones. Quite deserving, if you ask me. if behind their four walls and behind the curtains any individual is indulging in different forms of sex that are not violating the concerned persons rights or any legal issue then so be it. Nobody has the right to disrupt it.

I still think what is more pertinent is how is that all the customs officers of that branch got officials leaves on the same day? Who passed those leaves? Why were they passed? Did the holiday mostly casual leave impact on the customs official work, functioning? If so then how? Who supervised the work? Who funded this party? who paid for the bar dancers? Where did the money come from? Were the funds as form of any cuts or bribes? Or were they simply money of the individual officers. What about the booze, who paid for the alcohol. From where was it acquired? Who solicited it? who brought the bar dancers? Were there any middle agents? were the agents connected to the underworld?

If the customs officers themselves have contacted bar dancers-wc in all likelihood is NOT the scenario- then what was the modus operandi? How regularly do they splurge their money? is the money spent in the dance bars bribes? any kick backs?

Now as a citizen, more so a reporter i am more interested in the above questions rather than who slept with whom. Who cares, each one needs to mind their own business. It is NOT who sleeps with whom that makes for the story. What’s important is how was it done? under what circumstances? Because if the underworld has certain consignments to be passed and that’s why they sponsored, then it is VERY important to investigate this matter on the lines stated. Now the police goofed yet again. In the courts snooping in on pvt sex can NEVER hold good. The cops can’t blame the courts and law for their lack of investigations.