New year's over

Thank god! The new year frenzy’s over. I can’t understand this whole buzz…rush to celebrate anything especially public displays of New Year, Valentines – gawd i hate that celebration & those darn idiotic protests to prevent those who wish to display their sex, luv, romance, friendship (wc few do) publicly. ggghhhrrr….

pressure to spend more i think..more so each outdoing the other. Affordability is last of one’s priority. Then the dresses -do they undress more? This reminds me, a good designer friend of mine has gotten me latched onto a hobby..’observe’ all people who come to Marriots. I anyways luv to observe. We stand on the small loft, a corner adjacent to the coffee shop; i nearly fall down crouching holding onto ma sides seeing how people dress to come to a 7-star hotel & how they eat at the buffet. Sorry, its NO prying its all out in the open. Since this precarious lil spot’s bang opp to the famous pub-disc of marriots u can see them all!!!!!

so now i can breathe lil easy. Now that new year buzz. No one prying into ma private space of celebrations, forcing a resolution out of me (even at this age!) no one showing too much inquisitiveness reg my exercise regime, food restrictions -wc i have NONE; too much curiosity of ma sex life, altho’ they confuse it wt a love life -wc is NO one’s concern. So then pronto my horns stnad out, bitchiness oozes as i reassure all, “I may b single but honey im NOT deprived!” sending these catty ones murmuring abt ma atitude, how i need someone to mellow me, etc…

The these sick celeb wishing smses…gawd…replies. Now for every small thing there are mass smses that plague our in-box. Makar sankrant?? didn’t know there were smses for wish people didn’t just talked sweet, but smelt sweet, coz people in this country don’t know that deos r available for even Rs 50; More than anything why can’t people behave sweet here? Mumbaikars r out to kill each other even if someone like me walks aimlessly, looks lost on a railway platform. Its like u gotto have a look of a killer wt the eyes focussed on ur target! gosh..dont people breathe easy???

So now i can sit back & see that as the calendar gets old i can bravely display it on office table, coz these rascals steal stuff! Every yr my friend anne margaret gets me the HDFC table & wall calendar, wc was stolen by someone when i walked on Jan 2 in the DNA off. Stealing is in some kleptomaniac’s DNA!! to a bad start for this week. will write more later

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