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Nowadays people have begun using new lingo, cliche’s vocab that really bounces way above my head. I was asked, “i simply want to know are we on the same page?” How would i know, I think to myself? What page number are you on, lady? Gentleman? Ok, earlier they would say, seems like we are out of synch.

ok so, i adjust to being out of sync, out of tune or basically say it, disagree with you. More so i beg to differ. Now i’m sure people will say, What’s this British English I beg to differ? Beg your pardon. But few know, obviously it will mean only a few, considering the level of comprehension and knowledge of a language that people possess. However what most would not know is the intensity of sarcasm that can be felt when we say, Beg your pardon. anyways… so now people say, aain? what? sorry?? most misused word in eng lang is sorry…however when a person needs to apologise, they struggle hard to find the word and say, “I am sorry.”

so now i look blank when Jenny or Johnny say, “Are we on the same page neeta?” I look lost in the woods. So it infuriates the other person even more. Now how to explain to people that i day dream? I envisage spoken languages in my mind the sounds make me open mental windows to the gush of the winds..called words… I first envisage how do i know this person is on the same page as mine? Which novel or book are we talking about? What is the number you are on? are you imprinted? or are you being typed a letter at a time? Then i see a roll of papers rolled so thick that i wonder do i unwind it? What will happen if the roll falls down? what if I Open it fully and spread it on the ground and search for this person’s page? By then the person is shouting…neeta, can you understand?

Then i see myself opening the first pages of a novel. I read, “Prologue” and realise this person’s monologue is continuously ringing in my ear like a sad bell. How to tell the person, plll you sound out of tune? So let it be and nod silly. But i’m still mentally on that roll of paper. I think to myself I am not any ink or word, then how can anyone ask me, “hope we are on the same page?” Huh….

who coined this lame phrase? I’m sure it is a journalist, that too some Indian jerk. Short of words, limited vocabulary, journalists really don’t know how to conduct conversations, speak properly, articulately and ‘talk to’ people. hence the huge divide. We need to speak people’s language. In other times of our lives we may speak and read British english, or even Hinglish. But then other times I can’t be on the same page.

Oh ya between the page and sync was wavelength. Now do i see waves flowing or blowing between 2 set f ears? No then what’s this was we on the same wavelength? what rubbish we speak and pass of as modern language. I mean i understand making color of colour. But excuse me i am sick and tired of listening to words whose sounds have no meaning, can depict something polar opposite when we envisage or imagine about it.

Imagine if the person is still on the prologue and I have reached epilogue? aah… now i like that…while that person is busy struggling searching for the words…so involved in oneself that they can’t even start the novel, forget finish reading it.

2 thoughts on “New Vocab”

  1. Well, some people who are not known for any great English have now started writing on other people's gaffes. That's good.Bitterness thy name Neeta; Other's mistakes, thy latest grouse.

  2. wow! thanks for the compliment. Bitterness was NEVER my name…searching…and u r NOT forced to come on my blog & read post a message if you don't want to read my grouse or rant. I decide what goes on this blog, in case memory failed u…cha cha cha…not Known for great English, is it? By writing thy name….doesn't make another's better…why ru hiding your true identity??? shields are only temporary protection

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