Now Chowpatty is next

What’s with our city’s rich & their obsession to have further luxuries at the cost of Mumbai city’s future?? As if the Peddar road controversy wasn’t enough, now we have few more celebs objecting to the connecting Chowpatty flyover. Have they all bothered to speak to residents at Sion & JJ flyover?? These richie richies should just speak & find out how smooth the traffic is & how they are living a better life & breathing cleaner air!

Can we become lot more responsible citizens?? Aren’t protestors the same people who have at least one car at their homes? Will they pl stop using their cars? If this plea sounds innane & impossible, same is the case with their objection wc is totally selfish!!

It is time the rich, educated & well connected Mumbaikars realise that this city can’t be held to ransom by few handful like them…wish they would come out & stand by the innumerable villagers who have got displaced & evicted so that we get 24 hours drinking water, wider roads, better electricity, more water, express highway to zip across to the weekend getaways…including the farms at Khapoli, Khandala, Karjat, Pune…& live more luxuriously…When we want more water, power & express ways these very richie richies would like to silence the protestors by luring them with money and jobs…

Get real, it happens to you too….NOT just the poor…sacrifice for the betterment or development of the city is NO need of the hour. We will all remember ur small contribution!

One thought on “Now Chowpatty is next”

  1. How true can that be!Having stayed across the Westeren Express Highway, and having seen my co-operative housing society i Vile-Parle, a beautiful green place (yes, such things did exist in Mumbai till recently) been intruded upon to widen the Western Express Highway…To have seen the natural green habitat at Goregaon and Malad been destroyed to create a concrete jungle of skyscrapers (no wonder some leopards got annoyed!), I can’t agree with you more…

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