They say change is essential & required for each one’s growth. Now i know i love change. May be there was a time i was scared of change, because usually in journalism ‘change’ most definitely meant that worse was coming one’s way.

Tha meant -the most insecure boss was to take over, more recent during the internet boom or rather bust-up time, the venture was to close, or even mroe likely the venture will NEVER be taking off, et al.. also change for us indicated either cutting off powers or basically something really bad!

This is no exaggeration. We all would huddle around together expressing our alarm. If it was change of boss then all would run to the current one & ask wassup? What’s this change? Invariably one was told “This is a change, you must accept it & it doesn’t NOT reflect on ur performance.”

Now i’ve never understood why the change in management’s mood should ever reflect on the working of a small fry like me or anyone else. It obviously meant a change in the minds of the management, or reflection of the boss’s performance. But at least in Indian journalism never has a boos been able to articulately tell honestly or accept the fact that ‘change’ has nothing to do with the middle level staff. But bosses have never ever dealt it properly.

Then comes our functioning or working that can change. This invariably means our responsibility is snatched, plainly put. There is always an environment of bitterness, fear among the middle rungs. Nowadays change can be more pervasive & ruthless. This trend is seen at not only lower & middle levels but even top levels. These trends show change…then i really doubt when they say change is for better.

We still have people/bosses carry their extra baggages. Many carry a feudal legacy…many still biases against castes, communities & more so against us women. Many don’t seem to leave their small-town mentality & are just simply coniving & willing ‘at any cost.’ They have made compartments in their minds about women/girls & expect us to fit in it…basically simply give in. These ofcourse are NOT extended to the women in thier lives -like wives, mothers, sisters, or even mistresses..i strongly believe many are plain insecure, but by then the damage is done.

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