strange names & recollections

Suddenly the other day i remembered a song that would blare fm loudspeakers in India once upon a time. I was a toddler, many were not born then. “Beshaq mandir, masjid todo bulleshaa ye kahataa..” i text Khalid Mohd my dear friend asking the name of the singer…it was at the tip of my tongue, but just couldn’t remember…Chanchal was his name… he really could scream well, dunno recollect much of his singing though. Khalid wanted to murder me, bcoz i told him wots his name ya…he called back saying ‘Paani don’t give me scares, he’s ancient chanchal something…!!”

Names of singers are funny, but some sang funnier songs man..we give ample scope to all sorts of creativity in India.

After chanchal we just fast two decades and we have Altaf Raja, who sang “Pardesi Pardesi jana nahi…” which was another screeching bout. Our Hindi films songs give ample scope for all sorts of songs, singers

Some Mehta who sang, “Mein chahe yeh karu, mein chahye woh karun,” meaning i may do this, that or the other..wc made it to the songs & silver screen!!

Baba Sehgal though takes the cake for singing, “Aja mere gaadi mein baithja!”

Anand Shinde who sang ‘Tava naveen popat ha lagla mithoo mithoo bolaila,’ wc was then sung in Hindi.

Among the new ones is Gurudas of Rab De banani Jodi…they all are basically folk singers, NOT supported by godfathers or big shots of music industry so they get picked up for some out of sorts films, tracks & they render passionately their songs. They love singing, music and committed to their profession. They are revered by their local folks, who think even that one song wc has made rounds across the country or abroad is enough. Small pleasures they enjoy.

today, they may be forgotten, but there are some strange ones like me too who recollect these numbers! (People or works that i call as numbers)..they are not lewd people, just could not make it big…

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