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BigB problems again

The venue was the Worli-Bandra Sea link, event by : Maharashtra State govt.. Invites were sent off, except since many like Amitabh Bachchan are very tied up & busy he confirmed a day earlier. The organisers MSRDC -Mah state road corpn. NCP & cong parties. All knew Big B was going.

Now small recollection on latest developments of this superstar is that BigB is NOT politician, he claims so. He stays away from politics, wc he again claims, but gets drawn into each & every controversy & political that too, at the drop of the hat.

Now BigB remained present for this grand occasion, opening of the extension. The CM ashokraoji (yes this is meant to be tongue-in-cheek) Chavan was present. They looked into each other’s faces, smiled, but then media too wants controversy. Someone close to the NCP leaked info. firstly remember the Ntionalist Cong Party, our very own NCP extended the invitation to this superstar actor. Then the one prankster MLA leaked BigB’s presence as controversy.

“How come the man who is ambassador of Guj be present at Mah govt programme, when our govt is secular? Now the one to whom it was leaked is really one smart cookie, who shld’ve turned round & put his MLA in his place. “isn’t your party too in this govt? Hasn’t your party been responsible for this goof up?” Who will ask these questions? The young nimbu-timbu journos??

So the media got controversy, BigB the eyeballs. The controversy flared into a major problem b/w Cong-NCP with people alleging the ground beneath Chavan’s feet shaken. Well COng only creates earthquakes, initially one sees NO reaction then one fin morn or late night the whip is cracked & axe falls on the concerned minister. In this case the CM.

However this wasn’t the end of the controversy. earlier on in the month it was proclaimed BigB would attend the 83rd Marathi Sahitya Sammelan. He did, he not only read out lines from his father’s poetry on rebel. He also praised Kaushal Inamdar’s ‘Marathi Abhimaan geet.’ The CM sulked & sat at home. This dropepd his popularity further.

Can’t help we live in a country that has higher number of illterates, uneducated people. So TV rules & dominates our lives, decisions & bedrooms. The CM lost out on sympathy & popularity. But what the citizens really need to ask, admit, BigB has been made a scape goat. But he isn’t innocent. How can Amitabh Bachchan accept the post of an ambassador from a CM Narendra Modi who is tainted? Who has blood on his hands? Who has openly spread venom & hatred.

Or does Amitabh Bachchan think human rights, right to life is bullshit. People need to be killed, women need to be raped & children – all these belonging to of a particular community, religion deserve their fates? He mouthed venom when journos wrote abt Aishwarya (his daughter-in-law) being unable to conceive. Hello Mr Bachchan, the women raped in Guj too are someone’s daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, sister, mother…those Muslims killed too are precious lives. He sits on the same dais with that Modi.

No one wins & no one gets sympathy. They don’t deserve it for sure.

Ride on Sea Link

I’ve always had one recurring dream, that I am flying…yes I have the immense sense of freedom & although I had to fight for it earlier or now simply get it, I feel the ultimate symbol of freedom is to fly literally…NOT fly a plane as pilot or fly in a plane as a passenger.

I envy birds & after seeing Iron man it gave me more & more the itch to fly. I thought with this sea link my one dream can be fulfilled, sadly it won’t! Recently I went on the Bandra –Worli sea link as I suggested to the editor our auto-journo should take a high-end car and take a test drive across the Mumbai’s new sea link. He first thought I wanted a free ride! I explained in my style I would be paying for the toll & going personally in a taxi don’t need free ride…rather nothing free…when I said it is for the Sunday edition his news sense surfaced!

Finally he alerted the auto journo, she gave me couple of names of cars which really didn’t sound worth the drive. Later she said the Audi showroom had agreed to send the new Q5 vehicle…now we were talking I felt. We left for Bandra in her car, she loves driving is an understatement…anyways, this was the very next day after the launch we were heading to the Sea link. I was quite excited to see how Mumbaikars have received the news of the new link.

We took a little while to get to the sea link, however not as exaggerated as many have stated. It was a village jatra –fair. Mood of festivities & we were the cynosure of all people. Imagine where people have hired cars, taxis, brought out their Hondas, here we went in the Audi Q5 with the hood open & windows all rolled down!

The way people showed us their appreciation was not out of any jealousy, but a positive envy admiring a grand vehicle on a grander sea link…it was amazing, I’d never have imagined. One young exec rolled down the glass of his window and said, “This car’s worth it all,” he clapped his hands. While yet another old uncle, actually must be a grandfather rolled down his window and waved at us.

We had quite a few attractions one being the vehicle itself. Then the fact that my lady colleague was at the wheel was a bigger attraction. I too stood up and looked out of the roof. It was thrilling, my closest to flying, really speaking. I mean if we minus the plane journeys which don’t give you the flying feeling, no way man.

The people’s encouragement and appreciation actually changed this test drive story totally. From an ordinary auto story I am sure it has become a mood piece, it should. Considering this IS the spirit of Mumbai city. The fact that someone else’s luxury is not seen in an evil way. It was admiration in a positive way. I definitely think this positive

I also admire the way the taxi drivers after their gruelling day took their family to enjoy the sea link. Even the otherwise most average middle-class Mumbaikar who is caught in their daily struggle went out of their way to enjoy the ride. Yes, the reason being the Congress politicians got their demand to remove the toll tax for first three days. It is a political decision, so is the inauguration which was rushed, so what. We have had worse political decisions being taken regarding the slums.