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Diwali happenings

ya its been a month since i’ve written. A lot has happened in this last month.

Finally Khwaja Yunus’s mother can see a ray of hope. Its a pathetic story of a young Muslim youth who was an IT engr who had come down to Parbhani to get married. Instead of getting married, he was rounded up the police. They called him on his cell & said he was reqd for investigations, he was at a picnic & asked the police to come halfway so that their time would be saved. I’m yet to come across a ‘terrorist’ who wld go out of his way to help the police! & police called Khwaja terrorist.

having said this..Khwaja was then rounded up taken by police to Mumbai on the pretext that he planted the bomb in BEST bus Ghatkopar. All the others including Dr Mateen, a forenscic expert were put in lock-up. They were termed ‘terrorists.’

During the interrogation Khwaja was beaten…he was a lean boy, so he cldn’t take beatings beyond a point. He died & succumbed to the torture meted out to him.

Dr Mateen saw this. Meanwhile police picked his body & took it to island off Mumbai. There they have allegedly burnt his body. Khwaja’s parents launched search for him & filed a petition in court, demanding that Khwaja be brought to them dead or alive!

The police meanwhile drew up action-filled bollywood ishtyle drama of Khwaja escaping…the investigating officer Sachin Vaze, made up this plan saying that Khwaja was handcuffed, the car taking him via Parner -archiac road that NO one travels on today to go to Aurangabad. They say he ran away with Police station log book when he was handcuffed! and their story goes on…

However much to the dismay of the Ghatkopar police, Dr Mateen spilled the beans in court. He said he saw Khwaja was beaten & he vomitted blood & thereafter he died in a day. Dr Mateen was the only one to say Khwaja died of torture.

The Mumbai police had litle to lose had they to say Khwaja was lean & could not take the ivnestigations, max 2-3 policemen would’ve faced suspension, but more importantly they would’ve saved some shame & name! Today 14 policemen have been arrested in this case & 29 are alleged to b involved in this crime.

The sessions court also held a fantastic encounter specialist Praful Bhosale guilty. In this case I can say he was made scape goat by his seniors. A genuinely nice officer, but the rest have escaped & are now being asked to get out of Mumbai by the court. Till now the home dept & police have protected the errant policemen.

However the involvement of police became one political issue. Sad but true the whole force has been used by politicians. Today Bhosale’s out of the force i really wonder how much Shiv Sena & Narayan Rane’s helped him. They staged demostrations..but Bhosale was found guilty wt 3 others. If Khwaja would have been some Dayanand & say the policemen were either Dalits or Muslims, would anyone fm any party have supported these police? Then patriotic & nationalist pride & spirit is all 4gotten.

Khwaja’s paretns meanwhile fought hard to clear his name. The villagers in Parbhani out casted them or avoided them. Soon as the turth began unfolding they were re-accepted. The family lives in poverty & their well-earning son has been killed.

The family was promised Rs 5000 till Khwaja’s death is known but what’s unknown is that they have not been given this money till now. Khwaja’s father also died a broken man. He fought hard to save his son’s name & give him a respectful last rites, but has been deprived of it. Now Hashiya Begum too is trying.

Meanwhile a very senior IPS officer said that the Mumbai police want the Yunus’s family to take back the case. The police approached Abu Azmi-yes i know he’s a politician that most luv to hate- but he has stood by Yunus’s family. He got them to agree, police were going to pay a crore, yes. But then the police tried a dirty trick they said they will give money ONLY on condition that Hashiya begum says she received a call fm Khwaja!!!!

so now finally court has begun ordering the govt & police chief to take action, else the transfer of Pradeep Sharma? Khwaja’s mother says this eid is just lil different because at least some small steps towards justice are being taken. However she strongly believes that the day her son’s killers are arrested, it will be real eid for the family!