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We are a nation of sensitive people or is that an understatement? we had a showdown wt Brad Pitt’s bodyguards. That most bodyguards are like our very own naukars or chamchas of stars & politicians..the saying goes, “har naukar ko lagta hai ki woh maalik hai!” applies to these bodyguards too….

first in Namibia where those bodyguards bashed public, then pulling the collar of a phirang media person then a showdown wt our parents…We our bloody Indians…but we are also proud to be so. Sadly we still suffer from the colonial hangover. And as usual none of the channels have realised that authentic media is different from Papparazi…wc these channels insist on calling us including theselves..morons i tell u!!

Then the fact that they bodyguards have been abusive. If Pitt thot the arrest of his body’s guards was the pits then well he needs a second dekho. One of my friend photographer was told by the gora “come out & see if i don’t fuck you.”

Now now…did we accuse them of us calling us names?? i really wish i was present at the spot!! How i wish miss saying behenchod…to these goras..well same as what they called us..anyways that’s life of covering goras..

last time i remember Bill Gates came when Gowda was PM?? Well one hand lady -that’s her surname- who’s of the sizer of a pot insisted we CANT switch on the lights of our video camera since he has been disallowed from going into the sun…yet we robbed few visuals wt the lights on! Im paid to get a story & my commitment is to my job so i will get the expected visuals & story

She put her hand on the lense…a mistake she didn’t realise till the moment i pulled her hand away & threatened to break her bones very sternly but politely…i told her she may be paid by microsoft but Im NOT…