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2010, the New Yr

I don’t know about everyone but my new yr’s eve was interesting, quiet & was at home by 11.00pm. I clicked pictures of the once in a blue moon. It was surrounded by clouds first, then an aura of red rim…then after few hours i saw a blue light near it. I really enjoyed gallavanting around south Bombay to take pics of the moon.

The moon looked fiery. I remember reading in the newspapers that once ina blue it was…rare…glad to have captured it. Then went for a quiet dinner wt friends & was home in time to get some more good pics. Then was busy on the cellphone.

Next morning began the runs. My stomach hurts even today. I really fail to understand what i have eaten. The only problem i can remember is having fenugreek or methi as we call it. ALl these leafy veggies if i eat outside can hit my stomach, i’ve inherited an abso sensitive stomach fm my baba (father). But i saw a fab movie ‘raat gayi baat gayi.’ sooo much that we see around with married couples…how men r busy hitting upon every girl that walks around…saurabh shukla’s directed it..kallu mama. Brilliant job i must say..

however amidst all this one major controversy erupted. the makers of 3idiots film are caught in a fight with Chetan Bhagat who wrote a book part of wc the makers have adapted. it’s called five point something..

Now legally speaking they seem complacent. Who? The filmmakers -aamir (super actor..inspiration..adaptor etc), director – Raju Hirani & Vidhu Vinod Chopra Producer. But truly legally speaking they are NOT on a firm footing. Because even if they adapted they should have written so just below the credit lines of screen play, dialogue, writer…our friends did NOT think it wise, or rather they must’ve short changed Bhagat.

Bhagat for all his writing (wc i’m sorry i ain’t a fan, more so NOT motivated to read) wc has made him a bestseller in India, i’m sure he is well travelled & i presume with education, well read. Well i wish he had read more & consulted some lawyers, other writers when he may have been approached, informed by aamir, chopra or Hirani abt the film being made on his book. Unless ofcourse he was taken by their stardom -its’ ok, most are usually taken. Those who are NOT like me are considered pompous but who cares what others think.

I don’t know what went wrong with Bhagat’s thinking. But he wrote on his blog things that actually gave aamir a clean chit initially…then readers, fans wrote to bhagat & told him he was made an arse…so tehn in his blog he wrote…”I, frankly, was shocked to see this. This is because I was also fed ‘this is an original movie’ line a lot. I wanted to see the final script – it was never shown to me. I wanted to see the film before release – it was not shown to me (even though trials had been done for people). What’s more, the makers had called me to their office and pressured me several times to withdraw my ‘Based on a novel by’ credit, which was by contract. They told me they’d replace it with something like ‘initiated by’ – a credit that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. I still told them that if the film is indeed original, I’ll happily withdraw the credit, but somehow the promos don’t tell me so. I asked them to show me the film and they fell silent.”

Bhagat wrote on his blog & slowly by 31st dec this was a huge controversy. Bhagat is an example for falling for in to the trap of these are nice guys they won’t let him down. But these are all business people. They realised here is a sucker. Someone gullible & quietly squeezed in one fine line, like caution smoking is injurious to health…like that bhagat’s name appears…he obviously must’ve NOT been paid a handsome amount. I also wonder whether Bhagat himself smelt that this film will be a big hit (he shld’ve considering aamir sells his films hard). He shld never have allowed the trio to cut him short.

Now the trio’s called Bhagat all names..then they try & out him down publicly. Such rascals, muscle men do this, these are creative people. What if someone were to steal aamir’s credits? In fact after amol guptey’s example, bhagat shld’ve been hard on aamir & gang…now the drama unfolds like Ektaa kapoor’s soaps…let’s see what more happens
Now the trio

New year's over

Thank god! The new year frenzy’s over. I can’t understand this whole buzz…rush to celebrate anything especially public displays of New Year, Valentines – gawd i hate that celebration & those darn idiotic protests to prevent those who wish to display their sex, luv, romance, friendship (wc few do) publicly. ggghhhrrr….

pressure to spend more i think..more so each outdoing the other. Affordability is last of one’s priority. Then the dresses -do they undress more? This reminds me, a good designer friend of mine has gotten me latched onto a hobby..’observe’ all people who come to Marriots. I anyways luv to observe. We stand on the small loft, a corner adjacent to the coffee shop; i nearly fall down crouching holding onto ma sides seeing how people dress to come to a 7-star hotel & how they eat at the buffet. Sorry, its NO prying its all out in the open. Since this precarious lil spot’s bang opp to the famous pub-disc of marriots u can see them all!!!!!

so now i can breathe lil easy. Now that new year buzz. No one prying into ma private space of celebrations, forcing a resolution out of me (even at this age!) no one showing too much inquisitiveness reg my exercise regime, food restrictions -wc i have NONE; too much curiosity of ma sex life, altho’ they confuse it wt a love life -wc is NO one’s concern. So then pronto my horns stnad out, bitchiness oozes as i reassure all, “I may b single but honey im NOT deprived!” sending these catty ones murmuring abt ma atitude, how i need someone to mellow me, etc…

The these sick celeb wishing smses…gawd…replies. Now for every small thing there are mass smses that plague our in-box. Makar sankrant?? didn’t know there were smses for wish people didn’t just talked sweet, but smelt sweet, coz people in this country don’t know that deos r available for even Rs 50; More than anything why can’t people behave sweet here? Mumbaikars r out to kill each other even if someone like me walks aimlessly, looks lost on a railway platform. Its like u gotto have a look of a killer wt the eyes focussed on ur target! gosh..dont people breathe easy???

So now i can sit back & see that as the calendar gets old i can bravely display it on office table, coz these rascals steal stuff! Every yr my friend anne margaret gets me the HDFC table & wall calendar, wc was stolen by someone when i walked on Jan 2 in the DNA off. Stealing is in some kleptomaniac’s DNA!! to a bad start for this week. will write more later