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Random thoughts

Why do dogs run into the middle of the road like they are bitten by some parasite? They seem lunatic, majorly brain affected & the rascals nearly make us skip our heart beat. They run in, screech & run back? for what?

Have you noticed how the crows in Bombay, Mumbai city are demanding territory, forcibly taking it over, encroaching like the SS, MNS & throwing out other birds?? They chase away the other birds. Like as if the sparrows, other birds are migrants….huh

Why do Indians feed ‘chana’ beans that trigger diarrhoea, stomach problems to birds? Especially the pigeons. There are many rather countless of poor people who can cook curry with that grain…rather beans. Instead they feed those stupid pigeons who crap all over the city.

As if this stupidity is not enough, the cows, buffaloes & bulls are fed the worst grass ever. Cows are holy in this land. But they are dirty, unhygienic, they shit a lot & dirty the place. On top of that for washing our own sins, silly Indians feed cows grass, & more grass…the cows keep shitting. I think they too must be dying of gastro. No one ever tests how & why cows, buffaloes die in India.

Do mosquitoes bite dogs & cats? They roam around freely in the gutter, by lanes & garbage of the city. If i sit in the garden i am hounded by swarm of mosquitoes.

Do rhinoceros, Bison & Hippopotamus die of diabetes & obesity? they are soo humongous ya. They look they will burst open.

How to differentiate between male & female crow, pigeon, egrets, cats? Coz until cats get pregnant you can’t decipher. Others are sooo confused & as a result confusing to us humans…difficult to understand the birds & bees of animal kingdom.

I know dogs get epilepsy, now heard they get heart attack. Do animals get paralysis attacks? Do they go in comatose condition? DO they suffer from other ailments?? like diabetes??

does a caterpillar taken out from the garden…put in a in-house box with soil, water & sufficient grass & sun grow into a butterfly & fly away? When i was a child i removed all my pencils, pens all that junk fm ma pencil box, put wet mud, grass, covered the box with paper & made holes, which i stuck with sellotape later…put 3 caterpillars to scientifically watch them grow into butterflies, i was given a beating of my life…scolded, the stuff thrown into our building garden & caterpillars sent free. I thought science was self-learning through experimentation….guess it was all mugging NO learning…

Have you seen mosquitoes mating?? eeks i know but i wonder if they mate or multiply from our blood. As a kid when i’d watch Hindi movies they would show 2 flowers coming together in a cling type. Yes, i’d wait for the wind to blow & think ok now the flowers will have sex….don’t laugh it was when i was a child…& in my mind visions, pictures, colours always stayed imprinted….