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blast from past

the July 11, 2006 blasts in Mumbai surely rocked the city…whatever anyone may say….damn all those ‘spirit of Mumbai’ ball talks…people have NO goddamn choice but to go for work. We work for shit organisations where bosses are complete arse holes whether govt, NGO or otherwise…anyone person says they can’t make it either they cut half day or full day pay. this is the fate of a normal working class person in our city.

As for us journalists forget…we are breed that sucks!! we want to milk the cow but in such a shoddy manner that the cow gets bored and either dies or just sleeps halfway. Most of the channels went on about the helping hand…wc was true..but NO ONE showed or spoke of how the dead were not spared by the public. The late hockey player who died was fleeced by the very public that tried to save the victims!!

His gold chain, credit card, money??? we don’t even leave the dead alone, why blame Mahesh Bhatt, at least he’s pulling out the skeletons fm his own closet.

As for the investigations?? so much left said the better. Within two hours (thanks to the pressure fm Media & public) trains resumed. London metro was closed for 10 days. I agree we can’t afford to close down all our lines. But that part of track should have been cordone off for 10 days. No trace we have…

Later people who were with SIMI, some active some former were picked up left right & centre. thousands have been rounded off & taken to jail…illegally detained. Some beaten & abused. Even siblings of the arrested were NOT spared…i can vouch that in one family there are black sheep & often the relatives need not know what the trouble maker has been upto. Sometimes they may be aware but have distanced themselves…its possible & very normal…

May be the ivnestigating officers are from some other planet or world..who believe the alleged offender’s family is equally responsible!!

who are the REAL culprits?? What is their Main crime?? does the ATS know? we wonder. Worse still are the immature abso ridiculous journos who have been writing & showing…8 days & ATS has had NO breakthrough…10 days & no arrests still???? what is this a merry circus?

Do these journalists realise a terror attack may take years or NEVER to get to the root of this whole act/crime? How nonsensical is this pressure campaign?? Do the editors who are supposed to be seasoned journos even ask their reporters to file such stories? in fact these silly editors should be pulling up their reporters for reporting so immaturedly…

But when u hire novices and don’t train them this is what one should expect.