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SHANIA Episode & latest film

Now i am NOT much of a follower today especially of Pakistani or Indian cricket teams & more so tennis players. The couple Sania Mirza & Shoaib Mulik are in the news. Since the announcement of their engagement they are dominating our newspapers & tv.

This Ayesha urf, alias Maha -pardon me but she really looks Maha (BIG, Mega) & what with that smirk in her eyes! There is something definitely wrong at both the ends. This Shoaib comes across as the male chudail. He’s goofed ( should we say fucked) majorly. This Ayesha whatever was born in Saudi, lived there & Dubai for most of her college life, when she met Shoaib. Now this Pakistani lad wasn’t much of a name till his whole marraige, divorce episode came to light. These 2 knew each other in college, would meet frequently, got friendly & must’ve definitely had some sex. When things got too close, like Shoaib got Ayesha whatever preggies, the girl suddenly realised her Muslim roots & do’s don’ts of religion.

This is from some Muslims of Dubai, that i heard. Till then Shoaib was 20 & not yet popular crick player. SO the Ayesha whatever began getting pushy, get married was her mantra. Began putting family pressure. Meanwhile Shoaib convinced her the time wasn’t rt for marriage & more so baby production, because he wanted to make a name for himself. By then the Ayesha whatever must’ve got depresed. In order to keep her parents’ anxiety at bay she forced nikkah…Shoaib’s advisors told him he can have telephone nikkah…then for 6-7 yrs he hushed the matter. Tried to push under the carpet. He forgot he had even if a namesake nikkah, it still was wt some Ayesha whatever.

Now Ayesha whatever isn’t a simple village belle. She & her family look to be publicity mongers, may be social climbers. To their dismay the girl’s all problems made her big, while Shoaib’s name became really big. Then came a Sania in his life. Now how was he to deal with this all? So he came up wt this theory of some Ayesha whatever being someone pretty, who got married, while another imposter, fake Ayesha or real Maha (We’ll NEVER know who is real or what the truth is), is actually fake. The whole tele nikkah is true, but if he says talaq & it won’t even cost him more than Rs 5000 mehr, he can’t expose this part of his life & the remaining truth that he till now hidden fm his lady love Sania.

So this Shoaib male Item number has kept two young birds in his fists, trying to hit them at one time. Right now the love, sex or passion are running high so Sania & Shoaib will be happy. Trouble may begin later. More so this pathological liar won’t be able to change his spots – real side- Sania will be left wt his child alone to fend for both. But right now this episode has done miracles that NO soap opera in India could. All Hindi News channels have toppled the TRP ratings of tv entertainment channels. FOr next few days this on-off nikkah is giving full entertainment to a sex-starved nation. Meanwhile the politicians on both the sides of borders seem to have much in common -putting their feet in their mouths & saying utter nonsense. Meanwhile the passionate youth seem happy they have a new love story as inspiration. Now Ram Gopal Verma – since he hails from the hyderabad will delcare he will make a film. Meanwhile being Indo-Pak issue, it is up ONLY mahesh Bhatt’s sleeve.

So his daughter will go to Pak find a look alike of Shoaib, get Ateef Ali to sing some throaty numbers, find Sonam Kapoor look alike (NOT Sania look alike), then begin shooting in Pak while all drama unfolds here, the taped DVDs, CDs of the controversy & famed nikkah will be delivered to Pooja’s film set & within a month we’ll get fresh jism filled Vishesh film production. The title will be ‘Salakhey’…tag line fm Star news will be ‘sehra ya salakhey.’ People will go & watch the film & critics will rate this docutainment as a satire on the Shaina controversy. However Shaina NC film designer will threaten to file defamation suit for the couple being called as Shaina!