Nurturing friends

I’ve only read about florence Nightingale…today i can proudly say i know two of such. Well I’m not one to hug & bring tears to my eyes, get emotional…But i’d like to tell the world I’m proud to have 2 female friends who saw me through my worst phase pf 2 days. The 2 days of 103 & 104 degrees temp fever made me realise how my life will be in my old age if i don’t have anyone.

The day i spoke to my firned ND & told her i’ve left the pathological lab which refused to take my blood sample, i had no idea i was already having 103 deg fever. I knew i was thoroughly unwell, because i was shiering like someone who was given an electric shock. I’d not shaken like this even in Gulmargh when i went one December!

SHe felt listening to my voice that i really must be bad. I’d taken a quilt & was lying down on the sofa when i spoke to ND. SHe had a gut feeling something was wrong & smsd saying she’s coming…i was in touch wt her & my family doc. ASked ND to go straight to doc’s house while it was raining…ND came home & tucked me away while she lay down reading…we waited for the people fm the lab to come to take my blood samples. ND was keeping track of everything we called the lab, doc & she went to the lab for the report & then to the chemist. Meanwhile she called SK another darling frnd…they came for dinner…the 2 kept a watch on me..while putting ice packs in between, making me dirnk lots of water & took over the running of the kitchen, looking after me…they were god sent.

Ofcourse our debates, arguments & friendly fights or taunts continued…that’s the fun of our friendship. by the time we slept it was late…then they kept putting ice packs…by midnight i heard SK in deep sleep, by then i was covered by a shawl, under a quilt & went into the kitchen with immense shivers. At one point i didn’t know what was happening. Ofcourse as usual i got up to go to the loo few times with the amount of liquids i was drinking.

Between 12.00-4.00 i waited & eventually woke up SK. Poor thing she brought the ice pack & then neeta…we slept on for a while the domestic help & eventually the cook came. I knew SK was looking tensed…ND showed nothing but i can understand. ND told me later she had panicked seeing my body colour that morning. I was completely red in colour. All I knew is that my head ached & felt the brain would splinter in million pieces..i feared cerebral malaria. You never know…

We waited till 8.0am when ND called the doc. I was irritated. I’d never experienced such splitting headaches before in my life. She threatened me & said 2nd dose of Malaria pill & i have to show some improvement else i’d be sent to the hospital. ND & SK asked me…i said NO way had i got any money, it would take time before i was receive money fm DNA. AS for hospital no way. ND kept saying “you have to mentally toughen yopurself…else we can explore having a nurse over..” both options were a BIG NO No for me…meanwhile the leaking was on….Then i agreed with ND’s plans of going to her house. SK too offered, but i knew ND’s family was there…except i didn’t watnt to add more to the crowd there…

Our other friend DD sent us a car. Hers this one decision really motivated me to pack completely & mentally prepare myself to stay away for 7 days. It was the first time i wld be staying at any friend’s house for so long. We went to the doc, her daughter my abso sweetheart who i’ve held as a baby now studying medicine was there to help her mother in the OPD. My headaches had reduced temp was far less & then doc said if i drink 4 litres at least, eat & rest well i’d be set for mond following week.

Hats off to ND & her old mother…believe me that stay was like a holiday. Sund-mond were still not good. Tues afternoon she put ice pack till then i had temp. Everyday altaf wld call & something new i’d learn abt malaria..ND was by my side. SHe even postponed her social activities..tho i thought she shld’ve gone..i was to rest.

This lady is care personified. ND. Every night & morn she would boil water & ensure i drank 4 litres without fail. She would see the clock & give me nachni porridge wt fruits, food every 2 hrs. She’d check on me & I’m sure i must’ve stretched her patience, endurance, time line, gen space…but she was truly fantastic healer…my only best wishes are for her always…she deserves all happiness & success…she has taken such care i told her she can take over the kitchen in ourold age & i will tend to the gardening 🙂 haha…

Her aai was abso great company. She saw me & was like “What will happen to us if u fall ill..” every afternoon we both wld have our chaha….i really enjoyed having tea with her. ND’s sister too…despite all her famiy responsibilities…other chores she wld ask, plan & cook for ever meal something tasty & diff. They took real warm care of me…i really did NOT miss aai-baba…i mean the Deshpandes did everything to help me recuperate asap.

SK came for 2 days..when she saw i was ok gave some silly translations to do…then she disappeared only to learn she was bitten by a dog! She came to cheer me up in her style…after that i miss having chaai at & with the Deshpandes. I go when i can, like on narali pornima…may be i ain’t vocal but i know how these 2 friends have really helped me thru those 2 days…love them…they know that..ya Neeta style..still…i’m glad to have them as friends….

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