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I wanted to see this film, for the story behind facebook. The people, their dynamics, the aim in setting it up and the destination for this site. What was the premise on which this site began?

Revenge, one-up manship, competition, to get ‘hot’ gals on the site. What is the peronality of the kind of person; his/her mental, emotional set up. It all fell in place. A person who thinks he is god’s gift to human kind, who isn’t kid to competition, not at all innocent. Someone who has altogether NO skills for socialisation, plll absolutely ridiculing pre-disposition. Although i admit Zackeberg is amazingly intelligent.

The fact that he provalims his IQ, reminds me of yet another journalist who i know is contemptous of others with lower IQ. I however do admit this film took me NO where cinematically.

Some dude out of frustration types at extremely high speed punching his fingers into the key board. May be he thought he was John Nash when he wrote some formula on the window for public display…well we’d be taken to task had we to do it…that didn’t stop us from scribbling on odd places.

So what was it that happened? besides chatter and banging on key boards, there were loads of dialogues. NOTHING was shown. I mean many Hindi films are a disaster, but this was pathetice. How can anyone give it excellent rating? How can anyone call it a brilliant film?

This Zuckeberg fellow is the youngest billionaire. Great, fantastic idea no doubt. Loner -sure and how! He’s confused, can’t take it that some most unexpected person, undoubtedly his ex-best friend has got admission to the most exclusive club. These were plain teasers to the Elite Harvard School we got no real insight into it. The twins uset their father’s name. What’s so significant? How does it make a diff to the dean or not? these were superfluous things touched upon. The fact is this kid did think big.

With little or NO social skills -well most software walas, don’t have. Yet, he has taken the society to a higher level, the whole concept of interconnectivity, inter-personal relations, however superficial or deep have been taken to a next stage which is uncertain. most importantly one’s private abso perosnal lives is on public display for the world to see. From personal feeuds to caste, community, national & international disputes become one. The world has become small. Out of nowhere your one time old flame, first love springs up, throws a surprise at you, totally leaving you rattled. It’s helped share ideas, views…but none of it was displayed on cinema as i would have loved. Most randome people from the remotest corner of each country seem to be connected…why, how, when did this all expand??

No answers either real or cinematic….guess that’s why it’s ONLY a facebook

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