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Firstly, i am born free in a country that upholds democracy & believes in freedom of speech, thought & expression. Those wanting to read this blog are doing at their own FREE will. Please get going & move on, shut it or turn a blind eye. Why are you reading? What holds you to my blog? Your free will.

Now people luuv to write crap. Most welcomed, that also has a certain value especially if they are their own thoughts on their own personal page. But when these crap thoughts are posted on someone else’s blog as reaction…cha cha cha, you’ve crossed all lines of decency. Thanks i will tell the person, you’ve helped me to arrive! I’ve landed it means!

Also when one is sooooo itchy, leaves a nasty remark, have bloody I’d say f**&^%$# balls to leave thy name. Why is thou art so fearing? Of what? Whence shall thy get the required strength? Did none tell thine these British words and lang is now redundant…for the archaic lang thinkers like the one who has left a comment it means its NO more in active spoken or written use.

so in case anyone has any problem, i’m sure all have a bad hair day or bad day, bad weather day…not necessarily, but some seem to have it ALWYAS, they kindly FO fm this page & the blog entirely. It is NOT meant for these dukhi atmas. Sad souls who are angry about the world in general.

Also, the commentor seems to have taken my blog personally. Also it ain’t a grouse or rant. Someones’ gaffe is my humour?? haha this person doesn’t understand wit, intelligent wit dear. Also is it a gaffe, i’m no judge. Yes, i’ve called it bad english but does saying, ‘are we on the same page’ a gaffe? Well intellectual accepts it as a gaffe. hahahaha….

such fun, i always had got attracted to the internet when it first came to India in 1996. I got onto to forming my own email id, own internet page wc i tried to design, tehn it got lost in the web wrold…then internet improved, we got more facilities & options increased. That’s when in 2004/05 we got Blogs. Slowly by early 2009 twitter came along. Wow! how twitter has helped us. Blessed are those who come onto twitter…blogs are any person’s own thoughts, anyone talking aloud. If anybody feels hurt take a long walk, clear your own clogged mind & write your own thoughts honeys….feel bad you’re left to your sadness, this Blog ain’t for your types. feel free & happy to read. You are NOT compelled to write any comment for me…definitely NOT personal.

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