Poems of girls

A girl
She suffered in silence
She held herself guilty
What had she done to attract this crime on herself?
She was a young girl, he an uncle

She woke up one night to a hand feeling up her thigh
She threw her blanket and woke up with a start
She felt like a kitten

He had tried but couldn’t penetrate
She was scared but had shown her strength
She transformed her hatred & got empowered

She didn’t want to be a martyr, but she bid time
Her confidence had given her more power
Many looked upon her with awe
By then she had blocked out the past

A Lesson

The girl knocked on the door
Dogs greeted her by jumping with glee
The man came and lost colour on his face
He didn’t welcome the lady at all

The man turned away to the house
But the man’s partner welcomed the niece
Memories came flooding to them all
The uncle remembered the day he had set up the girl

Her escape had emancipated her
She no more feared
She looked up and ignored the man
He shifted around the room uncomfortably

The silence was eerie for them, the girl was serene
The dogs barked in the passage
Finally the uncle spoke on deaf ears

It was a day of reckoning
The stakes had changed
The powerless was empowered
While the philanderer was a loser

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