Special Women's Day celebration -Mayor's Award

I really think sometimes dreams do come true. How and when that is something we can’t predict or control. And when they do, like they have for me, I don’t even know whether the truth has sunk in -I won the Mayor’s award!

For the love of god i would never have been able to predict this part. I would dream, that i yes even i will win an award one day for my writing. For the issues & stories i’ve tried to highlight. It is NOT about me, but about those people whose stories need to be told – millions of tribals, women, deprived, Minorities, issues like inability of communities to adjust to the changing modern times, of being on the global map, while one’s basics rights are being denied.

This year -2010 the 100th year of Women’s Day celebration has been special for me. I was initially told i will be felicitated with over a dozen women by the Mayor Bombay (Mumbai) city, Shraddha Jadhav. It is special day, special event, 100th year & i am extremely honoured to be part of this celebration.

It is humbling truly, because there were sooo many more accomplished women who were present & amidst them i too was there…it’s extremely encouraging & superb to know the way people, old class mates, friends & parents have stood by me. It also is a time to say there have been many who did not help me positively. But their criticism, their negativity helped me believe in myself in the values i stand for.

I may not ever have grand children, but i definitely have got something that will make my family proud… :)they gave us a trophy, certificate both personalised, a shawl & coconut. Lot of people asked, “Why no money…” i didn’t join this profession for money or award, what i got is sufficient for sure.

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