Who beat the students?

How has been your week my dumplings? Have you seen the gory video? Aww, no? See how the Uttar Pradesh police swinging metal batons on any face, machine they laid their hands on. No, you didn’t? Then feel ashamed. Because like every celebrity and editor who tweeted, signed letters asking for non-violent protests and the top judge who asked protestors, READ Jamia Milia Islamia ‘students’ to stop violence and then the bench will hear. Will they tender an apology publicly to the Jamia Students? Will the Indians who blamed the students, wrongly, hang their heads in shame? Haven’t read tweets from editors who tweet sermons admitting to wrongly attributing violence to them. So much for righteous journalism!

But wait, did the topmost judge prostrate for wrongly deducing the violence? Need a repeat of that video, except this time for the Jamia Students. We are waiting. Somehow he seems to have NO clue about uodates regardingajor events around the country. Either he needs a good assistant or he needs to consult the more outspoken apex court judge, yes, from Maharashtra, who upholds ‘dharma’.

What exactly is the Home Minister doing? Haven’t heard after threatening to send some.hugh current shock to Shaheen Baugh. The high voltage shock he got the memes correctly depicted his state. Totally hilaod. Boo, these two bull dozer men don’t give an eff about your kids being beaten, dying. Yes, sure many Richie rich must’ve already made preparations to pack off their kids abroad, but imagine keeping quiet and living in rotten state the way it is being done. While the youth are NOT giving up. Many think it’s all pointless. Now no return, so what can happen. Good topics of discussion, but point to note Shaheen and Mumbai Baugh are still on.

This Maharashtra government is most Thakela and uselss one. They are not interested in governing. So much for the ‘BJP mukt’ state. Seriously, on whose side are they? Their boss man, Pawarful one, says CAA, NRC is anti-Muslims and it should be opposed. While chacha’s bhatija cabinet is busy asking police to take action against protesters. The police toh seem to be ready blues. They thrashes a photojournalist. Broke his spectacles, his fingers were bruised and whacked baton behind his thigh. Ouch. That must’ve hurt. But the boss lady of the area shushed him and had we not reached in time, the entire matter would have been hushed. At least media in Maharashtra leads from the front, be it going to court to challenge gag orders or getting violent cops suspended.

And on a last note, Hello, arre no, not Adele yah. The vahini saheb has RUINED Lionel Richie’s original score. Aai Ganpati shappat. Her hello sounds like halva (shake). Me not knows what she is smoking and for whom that number was. Whoever did the honours, can we pliss to request you to tell her, she rather train her hubby diyar to sing “me punha yein” and spare us. We still LOVE Lionel Richie and his songs. She should stick to her aaichi bhasha, instead.

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