Shock treatment

Now please to tell me, is this gobermint wanting us to save or not? Going by their khunnas, as we saw in Deewar, after BigB was tattooed with ‘mera baap.chor hai’, same to same the two bulldozer men are behaving like all our baapuses and we have been chors. Arre first we have to work hard, tolerate some real assanine humans as maaliks and some as bad as colleagues, some editors too in the first two categories to manage to eke out a living. Then I am taxed, whether I try to save or travel or now even if I want to listen to myuzik.

Eerie, it is, no jobs, no new employment opportunities and the youth are being grilled, hounded with such strong religious biases, it may take many more generations to reverse this. Sadly, by then, many more would have lost their lives. British said divide and rule, but here toh yuvar own blood eez doing it, duffers. Just see how shot scared they are of that muffler cougher man. PS, I never understood if his cough was real, which means it’s far worse, or fake. Best is to cover your face when speaking with such. But he is doing a decent job. All anchors got a strong jolt when the most unexpected, ordinary citizens of Delhi told them.on camera, they know how to distinguish between national and local issues. They clearly told them to eff off, literally, when few top tv guys tried to arm twist them into believing that CAA, NRC is Delhi poll issue

Now this too dis not work for the bulldozeren, arre same yah, motabhai and feku, they launched few barking puppy dogs like Anurag Thakur. He said ‘goli chalao in gaddaron pe’. One by one all their paid killer terrorists have lined up. How easily people get guns. Much worse, the paid media of this government promptly dug out a fake CBSE certificate, when that was shredded by public, they declared the Gopal fella mentally unstable. By god, he really should not get mad at these provocators and liars. I am.surprised how bhakt trolls lapped up this paid media. Once I wrote, after seeing the whole video of Rahul Gandhi at the FTII, of his interaction with the students. How he faces each one and answers them. Immediately some paid bhakt troll termed me as presstitude, Congress paid journalist. Such stupid idiots. But coming back to these media people on government call, really are damaging our community

Anyway, now another paltu terrorist wentnto Shaheen Baug and pointed a gun. These Shaheen Baug protestors should be given Bharat Ratna. Citizens’ choice. Ganpati shappat, they have put fevicol and are stuck there. Such grit, azad minds, they are true heroes. Women, children especially, have got two of the most powerful, vikrut brains of this country shitting in their pants. Wow! More power to them. Imagine, that motabhai who hasbuniformed and uniniformed gunmen at his bwck and call tomsay the EVM current should send a shock to Shaheen baug, only hope he is not needing to consume string sleeping pills and his sugar is in check. Because, not only the Shaheen Baug votes, but others too send such a string current, that the current will erase permanently, the template of provocation and violence fr the brains of these two bulldozer men. That, For next few generations this party should not be seenninnour elections. Abhi toh drama ki toh shuruvat hui hai.
What’s with Unani, homeopathy and cow’s urine as treatment for coronavirus? Such disbelief in acience is alo part of the larger plan of killing people. Just to put it all in a perspective.

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