Losing weight, heavy issue

I was always thin. My head was bigger than my body. Then when i was an adult & earthquake shook Latur, in which over 10,000 people died, i didn’t know my life too was to change permanently.

The earthquake took place in Marathwada dist of my state -Maharashtra. It’s backward, deprived & drought prone. Now me, a thin, pretty attractive girl wanting to change the society embarked on a Earthquake rehabilitation mission. From 1993 September till few years ago i oscillated between gaining weight & losing it.

If agassi says he was hooked on pain killer drug, i was on steroids, as my family doc said that was THE only way for my survival. My intestines were bugged by Amoebic Dysentry. For commoners like me it basically means worse form of gastro attack. Basically i would run to the toilet nearly 10 times fm Morning to Night. That also led to immense hyper acidity.

Cut short the crappy part, i still ate sensibly. I was then on asked to watch my food intake, the body’s reaction to all that i ate & drank. Yet, i would diligently eat boiled food, not eat out, etc..then i was either to be hospitalised or put on drugs. The doc said ‘steroids.’

This was beginning of a roller coaster ride for me & my body. The steroids did NOT make hungry at normal food hours. I’d feel full, as if waiting to puke most of the times i or any other normal person is expected to eat their meals. Instead at odd hours i would crave for food as if i could eat a human right then. I went thru’ depression.

I was NEVER fat…suddenly my hips grew out of proportion, my arms looked like a body builder’s…people began laughing at me, when i’d visit so called relatives would open their doors, look at me hahah how fat you have become neeta!! then like most of billion Indians i would be given great talk on how to eat properly.

It would presumed Neeta has simply kept aside all her work, stopped functioning & keeps eating, hogging rather the whole day. I went fm being defensive to aggressive then eventually taking humour…i realised we r just insensitive people.

This took it’s toll on me. Can anyone imagine what this does to any self-respecting person? I had flat feet, yet competed till the state level, got water in my knees yet continued playing basketball as i love that sport & my hero always has been Micheal Jordan…

I went fm normal size to XXL size…now it’s come down to L…but like today i sometimes binge on sweets..now that is the next to go off my list soon…

fm immense exercise i went to normal yoga which has increased my stamina. changed various diets & forms of exercises…i have got lazy i admit..more than lazy i gave my whole life, passionately to sports…after this i have made compromises…i will cut back on sugar in tea/coffee…so i don’t add sugar or sweetner..i eat sweets…sometimes i go nuts..but i want to live healthy & i have decided

ONLY for my sake i will live my way…that is to be happy & love myself…& yes my body.

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