Inception & salt

Now a lot has been said about Inception the film. I like what my buddy said, “Its a dream in a dream in a dream….” every minute was gripping. Every scene vv important. Leonardo’s grown in every stature as one of the most formidable actors in Hollywood. Truly he has…what a choice of films he has made….!

The whole concept of putting a seed of thought, concept, Idea in someone else’s brain. Wow…then going into the mind of the individual. In fact once a film called Matrix came by. Similar lines…but yet i thought somewhere Matrix was far toooo techie based. Nice stunts, hung upside down types….hung by ropes. Inception was to do with the mind, technology & concept. Yet it was human oriented. The techno did not take over precedence over mind or the person.

I liked how staying in a limbo the chinese man remains old…what happens to the memory? That wasn’t really highlighted. Again how memory interrupts the whole dream-tech ride. Nice. I definitely thought it amazing, brillanto.

Now comes Salt. It was fat too salty & nauseating. Will that poutankar Jolie lady STOP pouting? her mouth is always open & pouting…plllll its sickening.

NOTHING in that film. What lady James Bond that too anorexic & NOT good looking? Stunts alone don’t make a film. Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan have shown the way loooong ago. It was nice twist though. Quite predictable, as the Americans are obsessed with themselves. They won’t ever let any anti-American, whether spy, alien or otherwise ever win the stakes. It’s well shot, great stunts, good camera…but sorry NOT great film.

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