Now many may have seen me with a Chinese fan on the roads, in bus, cab and at the bus stop. Obviously I get smirks, people look at amusingly. As i touched 50, I was aware of THE BIG change in my life, menopause. I was all prepared for it, or rather willing to welcome it with open arms. Believe me if there is one thing about being a woman I completely detest, it is the menstruation. So as 2017 dawned I was happy. But what started was not something I was ever prepared for.

Suddenly a cyst in my ovary was detected, followed with dental issues, then I found myself getting slightly emotional, which in turn unnerved me. I sat in front of my childhood friend bawling and he has never seen me like this and was astonished. After that day I decided I do NOT want to be like this. Believe me, any amount of reading, preparations (I started on natural supplements and precautions (peri-menopause time) since last few years. The symptoms were loud and clear – loud sounds, especially honking would sound magnified, (which made me ANGRY) and in addition, the professional stress. The last HAS BEEN a huge precipitating factor. The 24×7 broadcast news culture is such, remember bosses have to switch off, but can take weekly offs, holidays, rest are bonded labour. Sorry for this slight away, but it played a huge influential factor for the onset of menopause.

At that time, I came across pelvic magnet, concept. I read up on it and women said it helped to control the flashes or flushes. Over 7 years I have been wearing and not that it has helped me overcome insomnia, it has done no harm. While at it, I incr ased my dose of vitamins. Had to undergo series of tests, very much needed and blood hormone test pinned it. Yes menopause had just begun.

Being on medication is not something I like, especially for the side effects. During the time of cyst, medication made me lethargic. I changed my job, took something less stressful and moreover my timings simply matched the changed body clock. I am more like an owl at night and slow in the morning. Life is less stressful. Heading a team in a newspaper who are young has is it pluses and few disadvantages. They may give few moments of fustratiin, but it is less stressful. There is a sense of fulfilment when you can mould them to think differently. It gives you a sense of hope in the current political climate when they move to for better prospects one has helped them to try and be rational journalists, who have lesser biases and at least are not going to town any line.

I began staying more with people who are happy, less stressful interactions and where I am not in situations where people try to provoke me into getting angry. This phase makes women bit more sensitive and before I get into situations where there could be misunderstanding moreso make me.feel vulnerable, I simply stay away from such situations. In this initial phase things may not be as they occur, or if they are seem magnified for no reason. When you share with other women and friends one realises each is going through similar emotions, some more, some less.

Among few compulsory things I imbibed, I stopped battling the changes. These are body changes which are natural and one needs to work around them. Yes, I feel like a walking volcano and though I have tried to make changes in my diet, it is the acceptance which once made makes rather easy. So while I am taking vitamins and suddenly a sour pain crops up in the heel, I am open to accupuncturist and naturopathy. Coming from a family that has history of cancer, the HRT is completely ruled out. Apart from.which personally I am NOT in favour of it.

Currently, I want in a happy place, more comfortable in my skin and that dear women friends is the most imprtant determining factor.

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