Food grain prices should lead to downfall of top politicians

The agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said that he is no astrologer to predict when the food grain prices will fall & the poor will get decent dal to eat.

Now who in the world equated a minister who has contested NOT for public good or service but for increasing his profits with astrologers & soothsayers?? NOT me.

The politicians are here to make money, don’t we all know that. I may expect a little too much from them, that besides filling their coffers-in this case the whole city of Baramati will get filled up with his money.

But I also since last 6-8 months the prices of food grains have increased beyond imagination. They have shot up three times the original. SO my monthly groceries which once would cost me Rs 3000-3500 today come up to easily Rs 5000. It is exorbitant. I am no loaded woman born with a silver spoon. In fact I have had to struggle to earn, still I struggle & it is a daily battle. I chose NOT to seek a partner in this battle- sharing, sometimes I don’t know whether I have spared the man/men or I should not have!

This bit apart if I am facing something at my level, which is 20 yrs complete as a qualified journalist, a masters, as in pos-graduate. I can just imagine how an uneducated, poor person must be struggling to survive!

Tur dal is anywhere between Rs 100-120 per kg. The good variety pulse, lentil. The average is Rs 80 plus. Now the Indian govt has pilfered Korean tur dal, one that just does NOT cook. So, this mean your gas consumption goes higher, it costs much more, you require more gas simply. This is if one bargains & opts for less expensive grain. If one opts to purchase a more expensive one than one needs to decide, do I need daily? Then I can I dilute it add more water & let it be watery yet the feel of dal on that rice & on your fingers is there.

Or then opt for the last -like what most poor Indians are doing –stop eating dal. Imagine eating dry rice with onion, chilly, may be if someone can afford little curd or milk. Vegetable prices have sky-rocketed, meat is not as expensive, but most can’t afford it. What does a poor person eat? I suggest they should Pawar’s brain, make his life miserable, make him restless, taunt him, force him to eat the rubbish he is doling out to the poor through the ration shops.

Instead we Indians mumble it’s our goddamn fate, we deserve this…may be it is our karma. NO dammit, what about the karma of the politicians? Don’t they need someone to remind them? What about coming out on the streets? Forcibly enter the govt godowns, throw out all the grains, create law and order problem. Let the govt stand up & say “we are ashamed, we are sorry for making the poor eat nothing & also for the mediocre quality grains we have provided.”

Why are we living like vegetables? Why have we stopped asking vital questions, raising valid points that can embarrass the govt and bloody politicians? I know ‘revolution is no dinner party,’ as Mao Tsang Tse said, but what’s the harm in creating one?

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