Black day for Indian politics

They say July 22, was the blackest day of Indian Parliament and the democracy. I am surprised…since many many black days we have seen prior to this. Corruption? Let’s retrace our past a bit yes regarding vote of confidence, horse trading. Yes I agree that that money exchanged hands, horse trading took place, also the fact that the ‘bookies’ were placing bets on whether the UPA government will win the confidence or not, that in itself is a strong indication that many developments regarding cash exchange was taking place. As a journalist, the minute the news of bookies role or their favourites made it to our newspapers, so it was NO surprise then that the Members of Parliament chose a moment before the vote to ‘expose’ the ruling parties. For once I am glad that the role of Congress party has been ‘exposed.’ Now the problem is investigation of these allegations. Wc were shown all over the country. Notes of Rs 1000 & 500 were flashed. Amar Singh of Samajwadi Party & Ahmed Patel of Congress both who are known to be fixers for their parties & the govt were named. The MPs conducted a sting operation as their names of crossing over were being circulated. They played along, their conversations were taped, their movments were taken on camera. Now see how the media how they play pawns in the hands of the powerful. The channel & its head wc has made tall claims being righteous, have scrubbed their noses in muck! Firstly they did NOT give the recording to the police, they aired for 3 minutes. The channel was called by few authorities – names are flying in the sky- SP party heads, the promoter of their channel who is one of the leading industrialist close to this party; plus a NCP powerful leader close to the channel head, etc etc. The channel stopped airing the clipping. Then gave it to the Speaker of the Parliament (who has little constitutional authority…but lots of power in the parliament) then gave it after 24 hours! It wasn’t even the full recording…just clipped version. Now the speaker has set up a committee said it will investigate, they can’t show it openly, kill six months & then we will have elections. Also the talk in the power corridors is that the channel was paid Rs 90 crore to ‘settle the matter-wc means NOT air or record the full play.’ Since the player called Amar Singh is a SP party fixer, important post u see. Media’s role too is as fuzzy & blur as that of the politicians & their fixers, who also are politicians. Being ‘silent’ wc we are as a nation is soooooo common now. No one I think is compelled, especially if the journos & channels claim to be true, righteous & honest. Now if we see history, in the Harshad Mehta’s case, he is known to have paid bribes to the former PM PV Narasinha Rao, then again Shibu Soren along with the other JMM MPs collected large amounts from the Congress ministers in exchange for his vote in support of the P.V.Narasimha Rao Government. Then let’s recollect the role of Congress in one of the wrost disasters of our History. The party allowed the locks of the famous Babri Masjd to be opened. Then the BJP, VHP Kar sevaks threatened to break the masjid. They were NOT taken seriously or so the party leaders showed, as the Congress was I power in 1992. The kar sevaks went to pull down the masjid, wc they did eventually. It is on record of Libarhans committee that the then defence minister Sharad Pawar told the PM Rao that he could fly a military helicopter on top of the masjid & the vibrations would make them all run away, then the police could take over. He was told no ‘Hindu’ will be touched. We do NOT need proof as we saw on the national television how the Uttar Pradesh police stood on the spot turning away their faces. Congress party put all the blame for all of this on the then PM. But we cannot forget NO decision in this darn party can ever be taken by any single person. It is an extended, incestuous family! This time it was for the survival of their government, as they are in lead. All I am saying is that ‘the’ party that claimed to be the cleanest, most secular, righteous, morally number one, is NOT. If they had really stuck to their guns & NOT let any of their pimps or agents trade on their behalf, I don’t think they would have won the vote of confidence. I am aware of the problems of the Left or Communist parties. As far as the Indian context is concerned they are by far more honest & more than anything they are definitely secular & do NOT divide on communal lines or create riots. Yet, the problem is they are anti-development. As seen in Singur they have resorted to violence in theri protest & the police quelled their fury with more violence. The voters really have little choice when the power of muscle & money dominates & pervades issues like development, social commitment & uplifting the deprived.

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