A Street car named Taxi

I always have rare encounters of a different kind. From my cook to the people on the street. For decades I’d feel, why me? But guess with every experience I realised I am lucky to have such experiences, while people are creating drama to have some in their lives.

On this last Sunday after a visit to Rhythm House with Anne my friend & my nephew V, I received a jolt to open a blank CD cover, finding NO audio in it, I rushed back to the music store. Hailed ataxi of a different kind. Nice rexin type seat covers, but more so young taxi driver who seemed keen. He had already begun fiddling with the meter so told him, “Arey thaamb mala basu de ani mag meter taak…” he smiled, so I did presume he at least understood Marathi. Then after I sat I said “haan ata meter laav…” yet he didn’t say anything…immediately after I sat, I heard 1 Marathi song & I was impressed to say the least. Old time bhaav, sugam sangeet….

Reminded me of our Akashwani days in the Kolhatkar household. Besides Aryan High School, which played records of old Marathi songs for over half our lives…I was in a nice mood. Little did I know what next was to counter. We passed Fashion Street & the song changed yet another Marathi song. Then as usual there were shocks & I said aloud in Marathi, taxidriver said hoy…well he understands what I’m saying…

Then I spoke in Marathi at Metro Signal. “Kay re tu Marathi gaani aiktos? Avadtat vatta?” There he spilled the beans. He said he is from Jharkand, few villages away from Ranchi. He came to Chembur to work in a Maharashtrian household and they would listen to Marathi songs on the radio-aah see there is my favourite Akashwani. So I got interested. I was impressed more so. I really thought its such a lovely encounter, that is so very rare.

So yes, I pulled out my BB & recorded this interesting conversation of Bholaram Singh. Truly Bhola..Bholaram said he would listen to the songs they appreciated & he realised, “Juney Hindi gaano jaise yeh Marathi gaaney bhi achche the…” “Humko sab jooney gaaney achche lagtey hai…” I was thrilled. I’m total Old music sucker-whether English, Marathi, Hindi, whichever language.

He went on to tell me that he flicks FM channels constantly, not paying attention to the details, except the music. It’s a whole day of working hard to earn honestly, said Bholaram, so he prefers soothing music on his ears.

Quite a scientific reason to appreciate good music. The most interesting thing is the song we were listening to was, “Vikat ghetala shyam…bai me…” translating it in English may actually sound perverse or distort its actual meaning…its basically a happy soothing song of a lady saying she got herself a mate…

I couldn’t resist taking this video, blogging about him. Music has NO language. But howlers for any language, forget that you cant use force to push any language down people’s throats. There are those who will just NOT speak a language for political purpose, it gets them their votes, for frivolous issues like class, feudal mentality…but for some quiet persons, they enjoy any language within their grasp…and in ways which are sooo very simple that actually teach a strong lesson to the howlers.

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