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daily news updates

Considering the blogs are too have become commercial i need to do something. I can NOT write abt sex & acts of love making or abt other crap…so daily news up dates.

Nicholas Sarkozy & wife Carla Bruni’s visit to Mumbai
unlike in Delhi where Sarkozy looked tired, sleepy & looked bored wt the politicians around…well look at the men around women at least are better looking here…Lalus, Paswans, Singhs, Pawars where should he have looked…right besides him was his squeeze Carla so he reached his hand out…

In Mumbai they were sombre. first police gym for 26/11 memorial…tributes galore.
SO the poor J Yadav, RPF officer was called to stand aside. he told “madam , GM saab ko bola gaya humey bulayeeye..hum aa gaye, ab pata nahi kahan jana hai, kisse baat karni hai…he stood b/w the Railways officials…he was NEVER called.

then Karambir Kang the brave survivor of Hotel Taj looking older, tired was there to receive an award. Also Devendra Verma of Hotel Trident…2 brave citizens.

Then Sarkozy made scathing & scorching remarks against Pakistan. He said, “It will never be tolerated or accepted that Al-Qaida and Taliban are given safe haven in the frontiers of Pakistan.”

“It is unacceptable that co-conspirators and masterminds who planned the 26/11 attacks are being protected in Pakistan.”

carla stood behind…too serious & savagery talks were taking place…she stood in a white top & skirt behind her male squeeze. she didn’t steal glances, far too serious stuff was happening. At one time Sarkozy sounded like he was firing. He realised he gone on a little to criticial …

then he switched to the positive side of maintaining peace in the sub continent…need for good judicial methods & humane ways to deal with terrorists…

later in eve just when we thought we can call it a good day…go home early..bomb phat…blasts in Varanasi…

the police say there is a terror mail…all details of a mail traced to a IP add in malad west.

so, another round of blasts in India. Tomorrow cong was to respond to the JPC demand made by the opposition in parliament.

while life in state assembly too is tough…here too in Nagpur the opposition has demanded Jt probe in adarsh & oppn says sack all tainted babus..

wait to see will there be random arrests? suspects to be arrested? alfateh00005@gmail.com is the incirminating email add…