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Cocktail of RSS-BJP & Anna


Now is the time may be RSS-BJP need to really do some serious ‘chintan,’ introspection. How the whole Anna andolan at BKC, Mumbai has eventually boomeranged on them, because of that one man-Arvind Kejriwal. While the RSS-BJP supported ONLY Anna Hazare, the how, when, where, why in the following paras, the fact is BJP leaders went in a huddle and couldn’t maximise the public outcry, post Delhi gang-rape, some RSS functionaries from Maharashtra had told the formidable ladies of BJP to join the morcha.

The fact is, it was skewed right from the beginning. With warring snd dominating personalities like Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal, it is no surprise that Anna Hazare was sacrificed in this entire episode. The fact is Anna and his team could not replicate the success of Ramleela in Mumbai and the RSS made BJP dump Anna..

The Indian public still lives in an illusion that Jantar-Mantar andolan was ‘spontaneous’ and Anna felt the pulse of the people’s angst. Wrong. It was directed, motivated and initiated as an andolan by the RSS. The background for this begins from Maharashtra and that too on an independent level. Post 90s, and especially the ‘Jal Samadhi’ fiasco of Medha Patkar–Well, after repeated threats, having gone on the last dying fast, which attracted world’s media, Patkar it called off. As a result, the entire anti-Narmada dam movement was scrapped, impacting the credibility of activists, NGOs of the state & civil rights movement. The civil society in Maharashtra thereafter maintained a low-profile. Splintered and scattered, it took many other andolans for the activists to regroup themselves together as a united force.

Among the many activists, one in Rallegaon Siddhi, (Ahmednagar dist), an uneducated but committed man made a difference using traditional watershed management methods, was Anna Hazare. He would go around giving talks, seminars. He also began speaking against many corruption issues. His potential was seen and tapped by Kumar Sapatarshi, Baba Adhav and Avinash Dharmadhikari. Now, Dharmadhikari has been known to be very close to the RSS. The whole ploy of RSS to disrupt the governments is as old as that of the Maoists. The RSS does not believe in the Constitution, India a secular state. This is the basis of their ideology. So they have not only tapped but penetrated every section of the democracy, every branch of the system to perpetuate this very ideology.  

This group tried and tested Anna, they made a formidable opposition and kept the Congress-led Mah. government on its toes. The Congress is experienced in ‘managing’ issues & people, realised it was easy to get around Anna  than the other members. So Anna became the person they would deal with and would get him to negotiate on the issues he would raise and eventually ensure agitations were called off. Sharad Pawar & Vilasrao Deshmukh managed his stirs regularly This behaviour upset the others and they parted, while Anna continued on his own, ably supported by many political parties.

Around 2009, the civil society activists and many of RSS NGO outfits began regrouping. The mood of the public was increasingly angry, impatient and public was pissed off with UPA for many problems–rising inflation, many cases of politicians misusing power for their benefit and that of their friends/families. The activists felt it was time to tackle this on a larger platform with a formidable outfit that can address their issues and eventually overthrow the govt. By then the RTI Act was implemented and pressure for implementing the Jan Lok Pal Bill was building. Initially Medha Patkar was in the forefront, but there was a problem of her credibility. She didn’t make it an ego-issue and put forward the name of Anna Hazare to lead this movement. It took this entire force to re-group, set up their whole organisation and movement from grass-root to national level. Among all of these the one who is political and has experience of dealing with politicians was Medha Patkar (that she screwed many an opportunity in Narmada movement is another story altogether). Hence the planning and action plan took a while before all talks with various sections of society concretised.

Meanwhile, the RSS led NGOs had communicated the developments to their functionaries. RSS within its set-up began contacting their Babas and various groups. I’d broken the story with visual evidence how Baba Ramdev had met RSS top functionaries like Bhaiyaji Joshi and others at RSS headquarters in Nagpur. The core group among others of Team Anna was Baba Ramdev, Anna, Kejriwal, father-son Bhushans and Kiran Bedi. Then the ones behind the scene which has not been revealed as yet were Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sanatan Sanstha (same right wing extremist outfit) and Medha Patkar. These all were led by the India Against Corruption the so-called NGO outfit. So while, the public has been believing that all the dhobis, cobblers, domestic help, Dabbawalas, celebrities came on their own to pledge support, sorry it was instigated and planned efficiently (that I give it to them) and strategically. Money is another issue however no paper trail to prove, there were specific cases of expenditure, sales of alkhs of caps, other stuff.

It wasn’t easy for the RSS to convince within their own party and moreover the BJP to allow Anna to lead this ‘andolan.’ Gadkari for one DESPISES Anna. He doesn’t mince words about that man, quite brutal. However the RSS convinced him of their strategy, but one last time Gadkari threatened to back out. He claimed he had strong feeling Anna would go wrong. But for the BJP, it was a do-or-die situation. They would never get such a golden opportunity as they had envisaged– an agry society wanting change, a so-called clean face and entire civil society united.

Meanwhile the Civil Society lobby had begun contacting their target audiences. Which ranged from Corporates, Sec-A society, celebs, on the other hand, the deprived sections, convincing them how this ‘Gandhian’ way to topple the MOST corrupt government would be within their grasp. Students and the clueless middle-class which fantasized bringing change was too roped in. Once assured, the plan began unfolding.

Now mind you, the key word used to convince all these sections which took precisely two-years of planning was ‘Gandhian’ and that was what Patkar had told the civil society lobby. Anna was the modern face of Gandhian ideology. That this monster supported public flogging was never a deterrent for this group for branding and positioning him as the New age Gandhi. (Shame on India to have insulted Gandhi, because this Anna believes in physical beating). The creative team was very close to the RSS and it was an entire gameplan of the RSS to promote this Anna.

There began the famous Jantar-Mantar andolan. The biggest high that RSS-BJP may have ever experienced in their lives and the biggest that will never again be seen by the civil society movement. The whole Team Anna, IAC, NGO movement, opposition was one. The big mistake the Delhi-centric Congress made, they forgot their leaders from Maharashtra. Mind you the RSS-BJP feared it the most. They still chuckle behind closed doors, how idiotic the central leadership of Congress was IGNORING the late CM Vilasrao Deshmukh who was the only man, apart from Sharad Pawar who knew Anna well and could manipulate him. Rest we know chronologically what happened.

In fact from the beginning, Anna according to a RSS official, “Had begun cozying upto Soniaji. He said he trusted her and that is when we decided it was enough.” The other point being, Anna seemed pleased with the parliamentary committee which was appointed, by UPA govt. This riled the RSS officials. They pointed out to Anna that Sharad Pawar was a member of that committee and instigated him to rejected it and Asked him not to call off the fast. Just see, the politics. RSS leaders convinced Anna to go on a fast-unto-death. Mind you they could easily have convince this man, because for some odd reason, Anna had begun believing he could be the hero for this nation. (rolling eyes).

What is not public is that some RSS people, were constantly in touch with him and monitoring his movements. On two occasions the RSS officials say, they noted Team Anna had faltered. First one, Anna covered up noticing the mistake. While on the second occasion, the RSS made a mental note. This was to cost Anna his credibility in future, Obviously, after they were done using him. Now, this is where Team Anna forgot that the push and support was coming from the RSS and should have respected it.

On the first occasion, Team Anna did NOT allow the RSS and BJP leaders to share the dais. One among them was Gopinath Munde. A formidable leader and definite crowd puller for the OBCs. Later Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan bulldozed Anna. They time and again distanced themselves from the RSS publicly and kept ensuring Anna too distanced himself from the RSS-BJP. Point was noted in RED. 

The first time the RSS official learnt Vilasrao was being sent by the UPA govt for negotiations, they called Anna and convinced him to not give in. They asked him to stretch his fast, while he waited, they also called Vilasrao and informed him that Anna wasn’t ready and he shouldn’t go. Vilasrao was terribly upset with both RSS and Anna. According to a RSS official, “He was geuinely concerned of Anna’s health.” In fact during that period I was in touch with Vilasrao who one late night lamented about the way this whole issue was dealt by the UPA govt. He even told me, “I don’t know what they have in mind.” When I asked him why weren’t leaders like him, Pawar were left out, he said, “They have bigger leaders (in Delhi) to guide them,” and laughed in his usual style.

Things had begun getting too risky. For once RSS officials got concerned because they too realised Anna’s health had deteriorated. “I’m honestly telling you, his condition had become precarious,” RSS source told me. That was when he personally called Vilasrao and asked him to step in. “I give it to that man, not once was he egoistic, he genuinely was concerned for the man’s health,” said the RSS official to me.

Post Jantar-Mantar time had come for further planning. And with Kejriwal and Bhushan litereally remote-controlling Anna, the RSS-BJP decided to keep a complete low-profile and closely watch their plans. By then on the national level, new developments were taking place. President Pranabda was sworn in. He set up a panel and Arun Jaitley was asked to write the draft for the Lokpal bill, so the BJP leaders began losing interest. They were watching Team Anna, which they realised sooner than Anna himself, would end up fighting. Moreover, Anna himself began flip-flopping.

Meanwhile, the RSS-BJP leaders felt, post-Jantar Mantar success, it was time to build on it and move forward and with the ideas they got from the public rather than make Anna an idol. To go on a fast again, was not a good idea. That would show they lacked new ideas and have no tangible goals.

Team Anna had other ideas and there began Anna’s problems. He placed extreme trust in Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan, who the RSS accuses of hijacking the whole andolan. RSS officials realised, it was time to send a STRONG message. They withdrew all support. “Ya Kejriwal ne single handedly sagla nuksan kela, je kahi amhala milala hota.” (This Kejriwal has single-handedly ruined everything that we gained). So in Dec 2011 at BKC, one did NOT see any crowd, like during the first morcha. RSS and all the outfits which had previously supported Anna backed out. As a result one did not see the ‘spontaneous’ crowds. This marked the end of the second freedom movement (gosh this word) and Anna’s credibility.

“The 2 people who are dangerous and Anna needs to be wary of are Prashant Bhushan and Kejriwal,” said this RSS man. It is evident too with the way things unfolded. Kejriwal became a spoiler for the same RSS-BJP. “Yes, he began targeting our own leaders. We were aware what he is sharp so we had backed out at the right time. We believe he is a Congress man.” Congress and most believe, which was true, Kejriwal was RSS mole. He became ambitious and wanted more.

As for Kiran Bedi, the RSS is upfront that they will support her. “She is pushy, but manageable. We have told her she can choose any constituency anywhere in the country and we will support her, even if she doesn’t contest on our ticket.” So Bedi’s future is ensured.

As for General VK Singh, the RSS-BJP is clear he is a ‘deranged’ man as one called him. They feel he crossed the line. “Don’t forget Neeta what we did to Admiral Bhagwat. And we then don’t see if anyone is a Brahmin or not. He had no right to take on our govt,” said the RSS man. It is a shame what VK Singh spoke about democracy and governance at that event in Mumbai when in uniform and still a general. How did the UPA let him complete his term? They should’ve sacked him.” This is the RSS-BJP’s strong view.

The many conversations I’ve had with some RSS officials only helped proved my suspicions right. They are clear what their agenda was and were aware of the shortcomings. RSS is upfront about one thing, “This wasn’t spontaneous. It was extremely well-planned. But the public was against the govt.” So in case those who are reading this had participated in the Andolan for a modern-Gandhi, with ideals, who was non-political, think again…how easily one’s emotions can be used.

The fact is, it was well-planned at every level. This can be a management lesson. From grass-root to national level, individuals, corporates, every section of society, media, civil society and politicians. In Maharashtra we all knew Anna was a fraud, but like this country, the media too is Delhi centric and they hijacked him. My point that he was a fraud, pro-BJP was proven at BKC, as he admitted to my question.

The fact is, that andolan stands disbanded today and may never find that high traction it got with able support from RSS-BJP. 

Anna’s downfall

December 29 will be etched in my memory & that of Bombay’s history. The evening when yours truly asked Anna Hazare the question, “Anna aap ko lagta hai ki BJP ne aapko kal sansad mein dhoka diya aur iski vajah se aapki ran niti ghalat hui?” The office driver Tiwari told me, “Mein lifetime woh din nahi bhulunga. Ab dheere dheere public jaan rahi hai yeh Anna ko BJP ka samarthan mil raha hai..bahut achcha sawal kiya apne, arey uska pack up hua…” He had heard, but turned to Kejriwal. I repeated the question by actually taunting him.. “Diya na dhoka, kal raat BJP ne, sansad mein…ghalat hui na apki ran niti…” Anna & Kejriwal had a small discussion. Infuriated Anna came out in public about his political agenda, “Dhokadari paksh Cong hai, Cong ne gaddari ki hai aur hum Cong ke khilaf hai…hum dusrey paksh ke khilaf nahi hai”…excellent, the one point I strongly believed in but had NO evidence to prove it to the world. The man, Anna Hazare himself had spoken these words, got miffed & walked off the stage. Over, for Anna, the press conference was over. Upset with me & the rest of the media, as a result.

But the fact is that the truth was out in the open. A whole new drama of Anna being declared unfit had already been played out the previous night. By then, Mumbai’s journalist fraternity had begun hearing whispers of the health conspiracy. We were ‘informed’ Anna may be shifted to a hospital on the first night he wasn’t. The crowds at the most were at 7000, despite many claims. By then all conspiracy theories were put forward by the Team Anna – Mumbai is sitting with their hands clasped, wearing bangles. The police & govt have ensured that networks of all their cell phones get jammed. That the Airtel tower at Malad had caught fire wasn’t even spoken about nor was that seen as a real cause. Also, while except for Anna & VIPs all the rest of public, including us media were forced to make several diversions. It was for security. But the Anna’s team insisted this was being done deliberately to harass them. They also came up with an innovative idea of taking buses to all stations, “Get people to sit in these buses & bring them to MMRDA. How can Mumbai sit quiet.” It then became one whole ego trip. Something that has simply led to the down fall of a so-called ‘doosri azadi’ second freedom movement…sure..

Yet again Anna’s fast attracted attention of media & politicians from across the country. Dec 27th was the D-Day. Anna was to come to Mumbai and then begin his fast for three days, would have been indefinite had the Parliamentarians not tabled their Lokpal Bill. Now by the time the Parliament had begun it was evident that the Govt was table it, a few days before Anna Hazare went on his fast it was clear the Parliament was extended for 3 days & the discussions, debates et al was to take place ONLY on Lokpal Bill.

Yet Anna went ahead with the fast. A lot had happened in the interim period. A huge drama unfolded over the venue. Firstly it was kept a huge secret whether it would be Delhi, Mumbai and if any of the two then the specific venues. The so-called ‘Gandhian’ (please it’s time people stopped abusing this term) was dissuaded from going to Delhi. Why? Because of the extreme cold Mind you, the late Mahatma Gandhi wore only a hand spun dhoti, NOT laundered with sparkling white, or ironed or starched. He did NOT wear sadra or shirt…he also did NOT fast to extort or even short change himself. Here were given to understand that Anna would not be able to tolerate the cold weather and hence he was requested to sit on a fast in Mumbai.

A completely wrong decision. I actually welcomed it, I remember tweeting about this & also faced the wrath of his followers who abused me. Simple reason, because the first time round there was a lot happening…while it was evident that there was a growing angst among the citizens, rising prices, inflation, more & more news of corruption & scams, the govt seemed taken aback. The stupid mistakes made by the esteemed Home Minister P Chidambaram who nearly made a hero out of a delusional man, the mood was anti-govt.

However in December 2011, the story was different. The Parliament promised, extended the winter session & publicly committed to discussing & debating about JLP Bill. Secondly, Mumbai’s first time venue was ideal. Azad Maidan was perfect, bang opposite the Victoria Terminus it is excellent for commuters. A huge floating population every hour is ensured. Curiosity was immense hence a lot of people came & went. Plenty of Colleges are nearby, as a result the whole buzz about Anna proved effective. Even those commuters who travel fromChurchgate,VTis only 15 minutes walking distance. Most importantly, the timing for the protests was very good. Between 10.00am-6.00pm, as a result the planners of the campaign could bring people in hordes every hour.

Another important development had taken place in the interim period. While the first time was successful, with immense backing from RSS, it wasn’t proved till October. Fresh evidence began coming out about RSS backing, Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief went on record to confirm, Nitin Gadkari the BJP national president supported Bhagwat’s claim. Moreover when we speak of corruption, etc Team Anna’s members began getting exposed. It was finally evident to the general public they too weren’t above board. Involvement of Kiran Bedi in fudging travel re-imbursement claims from NGOs, she defending it was worse, her daughter using OBC certificate for getting admission for medical seat in Manipal college, Kejriwal’s IT fines & non-payments. Even Anna’s former colleagues & friends who alleged the man wasn’t above board. Justice PB Sawant’s report still holds true, he said as regards the accounts & audit, Anna wasn’t given a clean chit. Team Anna also seemed strongly upset with govt’s inclusion of NGOs in the gambit of Lokpal Bill. A sore point with the members of Anna’s team. All of them are connected with some NGO or have their own. Some are facing some allegation or the other. In the interim period news began trickling that Ashoka Foundation had reportedly provided lakhs of funds to Team Anna for various RTIs. As part of their project. News of Ford Foundation supporting the Ramlila ground fast too had appeared.

Everything just came to surface at the same time. Meanwhile the Team Anna & the their outfit in Mumbai the India Against Corruption applied for MMRDA grounds. Now while they claimed to be the organisers, they applied in the name of some other NGO, on their letter head. When the MMRDA made inquiries & asked for clarifications, it came to light that IAC wasn’t even registered. Now this is the same outfit that collected lakhs of rupees from general public in the name of ‘anti-corruption’ but mind you had not even bothered to register itself. This amounts to grave charges against the members – this actually amounts to criminal offence. Yet, they shamelessly asked for discount and when they were refused they tried applying to many other grounds as their venue.

In this whole period the fights between Team Anna erupted here in Mumbai. The Bhrashtachar Virodhi Andolan convenor Bhavesh Patel began to get side-lined by IAC head Mayank Gandhi. Now Mayank is the son of scion of Lok Group, a builder. Sure, most will shrug & say if he is clean then why not. He is being given an office in south Mumbai Dosti Group-another leading builder of Mumbai- in his own complex. The founder of Dosti group told me on-camera “I give full support to Anna, with tan, man dhan…my heart, soul & money…” he went on to tell me that Team Anna has a lot of money and they are comfortable yet he would like to contribute. All claim to be ‘Gandhians.’ Gandhi’s story is something they need to learn.

Patel had got so frustrated with Mayank that at one time he told me that Mayank had actually planned to book a ground in the name of ‘shaadi’ for wedding & then make Anna sit for three days. Here a Mayank tells Anna what to do, in the case of Gandhiji, the famous GD Birla sat at Gandhiji’s feet.

The reason of their conflict was as interesting to me as the conflict itself. It clearly meant the cracks had deepened & that too at the mouth of the impending fast. Ooh lala…I was expecting disaster. As expected IAC went on to making denial for discount an emotional issue. However neither Mayank nor other IAC members had come out honestly to the public confessing that they weren’t a registered outfit. They really under-estimated the judiciary of this land & filed a petition.

The Bombay High Court wrapped Team Anna strongly. Much needed too. They were put in their place rightfully so. The distortions and les were brought to light, including the fact that IAC wasn’t registered. The HC asked what’s become of this money and how can people trust such an organisation. They were rightfully denied right to get discount and book MMRDA in the name of IAC. That is the first time Anna spoke & said it was a wrong move to approach the courts. Not at all shocking from a man who has zero regard for the Constitution of India or the judiciary. This wasn’t the end. The whole fast was managed like a PR event. All the PR persons, name them, Poonawala’s sons, (yes the Derby stud man), many who we’ve seen ‘managing’ events. Anna’s stage was way beyond common person’s reach. Then a no-man’s zone for security, then us, the media with our back sides to the audience, which was totally cut off from Anna. Public isn’t dumb, they can be naïve, and a people’s movement is based on people…here there as a HUGE disconnect. The people were completely ‘kept away.’

The choice of MMRDA too was a error of judgement. Ask around and no sane, practical Mumbaikar will bother going to MMRDA. More so anyone without a vehicle will just not venture into this lonely area where govt offices are there and only rock shows which the rich can afford. This is the popular perception of MMRDA. So was this. The flag seller who made lakhs in August during the Ramlila fast, was broke by the end of the first day. “Very shocking” was what he barely managed to tell. The RSS backed organisation that provided catering services noticed that even despite the Bharatnagar Slum dwellers coming and eating free food for 3 days, they still had sufficient amount of food. Something had gone amiss somewhere.

Anna was moved out under pretext of ill-health. He was taken to Ralegan Siddhi. I had reached hours before him, let me tell you, nobody from his village was excited. This was al waiting to happen. The Sarpanch was absent and so were the otherwise naïve villagers who would call on him. This was a Anna’s solo-journey of a setback & lack of people support. The lies continued. While he was unwell, Anna suffered a major mental set-back. I strongly believe he is taken by the whole idea of ‘sacrifice’ and becoming martyr. However reality taught a lesson. After many days Anna on new year was moved to Sancheti’s Hospital, Pune. It is a hospice for recovering from bone & joints surgeries, accidents. While Anna suffered from so-called lung infection. He was moved to this hospital. On top of that the dr, Sancheti is reported to have said, “Anna shouldn’t be fasting and to recover he needs to go to some unknown destination.” Now I’m not a medical doctor, but sure am aware that there is no scientific basis to such claims.

However few things got further exposed. In the press conference, Anna made strong anti-women’s comments. He said that women who don’t bear children, will never be sensitive to the experience of a delivery like child-bearing women. A completely ridiculous allegation. He should be flogged in the same manner that he believes those who drink alcohol should be. Anna retracted on every threat he had made-sitting on fast in Delhi, surrounding Parliamentarians, campaigning in the 5 states for elections & the famous ‘jail bharo.’ His ridiculously oft-repeated speech that one gets free food in jail, so all should got to jail. That this is the way to fight corruption, many a stupid citizen got carried away. To go to jail one has to have criminal offence & it’s a shame if anyone is proud of that. Else one only gets detained and that’s really what happens in such cases. In the former, your whole life changes, and swear you’re life is f@#$%^d if you have criminal charges on your name.

Anna is self-proclaimed Gandhian, someone who has never believed in non-violence, he has made public this ugly side. Flogging those who drink, defending the slap that a man gave Sharad Pawar, saying ‘why only one.’ Just last night, Anna defended those who resort to violence for running out patience fighting against corruption, they all expose Anna’s dark & is that the real side? There is no excuse for use of violence, when all along the drama and lies of non-violence was what drove this campaign. Slowly his true self is getting exposed in public. I shudder that time will come when people will start looking through his talks and fake ideology.

A fascist propaganda

My rational friend and I were speaking on this Anna campaign and why it is a fascist trend, ably aided by electronic media. He had a valid point. The Army chief spoke publicly on civil society & governance while in uniform. First time ever in 65 years. It does perplex me that no media or politician raised an alarm. Especially someone like Laloo, Sharad Yadav & Paswan who has a  better sense about these things than other ‘educated’ MPs, civil society or other citizens. I’m surprised that they have not understood the ramifications of his statement or they just ignored it, either way a huge mistake.

We are a democracy and it is sad that we haven’t understood it. Nor do we respect it. The role of the military according to the Constitution of India is to defend, secure & attack in defence.  If the chief of this force passes remarks on the political scenario, it is undemocratic & unconstitutional. The Army chief’s dabbling in internal politics is not something that should be taken lightly. The Army chief has absolutely no business to interfere in the political functioning, considering so much is happening within the army. Instead Gen V K Singh should check infiltration, boost morale of the army & let me remind you, of primary importance – STOP the army excesses in Kashmir and the North East.

Speaking of Gen Singh, he has 2 dates of birth. Though he had given in writing 1950 as the year & then the politics that followed. Then he appeases MPs, ministers & now calls them corrupt. other army officials have taken over plots, made excesses on existing land & behaved in very ‘Adarsh’ style. Gen Singh needs to clean up his backyard before talking about politics or governance. As for the excesses & human rights violations, your claims are a mockery. The people are currently on a high, carried away by the whole Ramayan that unfolded on Ramlila grounds. Very selectively public at large is focussing on issues independently & this unreported event has been ignored.

The RSS & its various branches have aided this whole movement, something that Ashok Singhal publicly admitted to.  Two months ago I broke the news with CD evidence of the famous meeting b/w Ramdev Baba, leading RSS dignitaries in Nagpur, in March planning for this campaign. World over, corruption as a broad issue, has been highlighted by the fascists who want to capitalise on unstable or on the downward economic trend. Take for example, Hitler, before he came to power, the centrists & communists were ruling; If you notice he had also raised the issues of corruption, demanding accountability & linking it to socialism. Such aren’t bothered about killings or excesses by those in uniform. It was only with the rise of Communists, that Hitler was compelled to include socialism in his agenda. He had demanded transparency, effective governance, eradication of corruption.  He won & the minute he came to power he dissolved the very existing structures.  I strongly believe same is with the VK Singh.

Meanwhile the economy also has not been looking up. The inflation figs have touched double digit & GDP levels fluctuated hitting a low, which is not a good sign. Hence the public anger mounted against inflation, ministers involved in scams & an apparent indifferent govt.  This time the April campaign of Anna took place. The Delhi media had just begun the romance & few jittery Congressmen began flirting with Anna & in this chaos comes along a Gen who too brazenly displays his affection for civil society agitation, Anna & the pro-governance lobby. It was a private event, organised by former leading journalists & VK Singh was appreciated for his frank speech. When in uniform, an army chief displays his political ideology i doubt the patriotism such proudly claim. How was he not questioned by the govt? Once in uniform, anything private too is public, that’s the norm. His open favouring certain school of thought also is scary for the govt. wc needs to distrust him.

However, when everything is seen in isolation the larger pic is missed & that’s not being naïve. For people to be ill-informed, isn’t a good sign at all. I believe & have learnt that everything that happens is LINKED & is no coincidence. In the interim 2 leading contracts were NOT given to USA. Despite the fact that the Indian PM, Manmohan Singh’s proximity to Prez Obama & Prez’s official visit to India, US didn’t get these 2 contracts. Since last 4 years US economy is in trillions of $ of losses. These contracts would have made all the difference to them. This wasn’t going unnoticed. Meanwhile reports across the world were -India is the next superpower, India is the next destination & Prez Obama was hoping we help them raise jobs for their citizens. The 2 contracts are – Jaitapur nuclear power project is given to Areva Evolutionary Pressurised Reactors, a French company. This is worth $ 1lac crore, Second was US losing the CEIP’s Tellis offer, a fighter jet contract, which went to EADS’ Eurofighter, this is $2.5 lac crore. This means innumerable potential job loss to USA-while they considered these a hope for the revival of their economy. Worth noting is leading funding agencies of US are working in India & giving aid to civil society activists & many a govt project – World Bank, Ford Foundation, other leading agencies. The fact that 1000s of Civil Society individuals & organisations are getting funds fm US in India, is an open secret. While there are also European funding agencies which is a formidable lobby. So, there are 2 lobbies aided by various ideological funding agencies & backed by strong countries.

While on one hand, there is World Bank & allied American funding agencies like Ford Foundation, they give aid to one section-Anna team, on the other, leading European funding agencies (Netherlands, Norway, Scandanavian countries) are aiding another front of activists –Aruna Roy, etc.  The 2 have varying ideals, methodologies & never the twain shall meet. The JLP bill pushed by Kejriwal, Kiran & Anna, is more right wing. rignally this bill was moved by BJP. It speaks of dissolution of all democratic, constitutional structures & systems. The signs are clear, all his actions are political when in uniform and anti-govt.

More facts & evidences will come out in few months. Imagine, then the Gen speaking in favour of these people & their work, it is scary. The thought fascist and actions that can’t are political, all of which contrary to their duty.