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Last goodbyes

Everyday I would say ‘me yet’ and call at a specific time to ask have you eaten dinner, how is baba, has he eaten, okay bye. Few words and then when I’d return I would check on my aai and Baba. Sometimes aai would get up to go to the toilet and we would be like ghosts in the dark. Next morning, would be a good morning raani and life would go on.

December 27, 2018, was last my aai took my name, actually screamed for help, for relief. And after that there were no exchange of words till she breathed her last on Jan 22, 2019.

We all tried. Many ways and methods to get response. She’d seen like she was listening, she wanted to respond, say something. The semlls, sounds, voices, aromas, massage, half a smile and I would convince myself she was feeling, was able to understand.

The nurse too said she was amazed at the recovery, but we knew in medicine there is no miracle, even if many would try to reassure. I was hoping aai would open her eyes and we could say one Last goodbye.

In my baba’s case he was sharp till his last breath, so we could bid him a farewell. This month its already six months since aai’s demise and I still feel often, I have to call at 8pm, I haven’t asked if they ate. I still feel on Sunday afternoons I need to check on them, ask if they want anything.

Today’s international chocolate day and whole aai would sneer at anything chocolate baba simply loved them. Ate a Lindt in his memory and shared this sentiment with her, I couldn’t say my last goodbye to my aai. Of course she knew we were by her side and she was NOT alone..but for 25 days I said aai bye, me yete hoping she has heard.