Horsey sounding tvwalas

Is it that i’ve become intolerant-wc i just love if it sounds so-or rather the truth is that ALL TV anchors & reporters look alike & sound horsily LOUD!! they’re like shouting into ur face…outshouting each other, huge frowns on their faces, as if the world has fallen & they are THE only ones to witness it. On top of it they are THE ones NOT informing u, but TELLING it to you the way they WANT it to be…

The truth is that if Barkha breaks news on one channels-YES with that frown, u have rajdeep do the same, Ashuto-o-osh on another, some bhaiya on Aaj Tak (definitely NOT punya prasoon), Dibang on another & someone on star. If a person hears them all on various screens they sound the same-SHOUTING/BELLOWING wt their lungs bursting out…Hands vigorously moving around in air & ofcourse the famous BLINKING…& at the end u wonder if anyone has given u the REAL information…What’s with Indian TV & shouting? they all also look alike…Its NOT a joke…bcoz their expressions are the same.

But why are they telling us? I thot TV is informing thru’ visuals, showing pictures & frames that speak LOUDER than their voices & words! But sadly the focus instead of visuals is the loud sounding ‘reporter.’

The channels have to grow out of cutting live chats wt their reporters all the while. This ideally should happen if the reporter is on the way, they are yet covering/shooting the incident & meanwhile, the channels cut live to their journos or take phone-ins. NOT constantly cut to their reporters…

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