Rahul Gandhi came & conquered hearts of Bombay, alias Mumbai

I’m not much of a fan of politicians. Some are friends, many sources & mostly i see them all cynically with suspicion. However, today i saw a young man, icon of the youth in India. I saw Rahul Gandhi twice closely – i know many will be jealous- his complexion is like pure snow. Little too white washed may be for Indian standards, but i don’t blame the women folk for falling for him.

He also has that genuine look in his eyes. Yes, he knows he is in the business of politics and needs to be shrewd, smart, yet not tainted. Last couple of days i however think Rahul Gandhi has made some ridiculous statements. Like NSG saved mumbai city, wc it did eventually. But the 26/11 terror attacks on B’bay-alias-Mumbai were different. The first people to go out on the ground were Marathi police, thos who died were Maharashtrians officers simply bcoz the rest especially 5 officers refused to step out & face the reality. More over the most important factor -FIRST ever terrorist caught alive was thanks to Omble, the police officer who was slain, that same night, while he captured Kasab.

In this background, to shut the mouths of these Shiv Sena & MNS types Rahul too fell for the politics. He too made statements which i think were out of place. The 26/11 terror attacks & those who died are not be used loosely by politicians. Or be made political.

Yes, in this background i was not sure what the end result of today’s possible event would be. I went with absolute skepticism and was cursing i was on that duty. Considering the Youth Congress and Cong leaders had tipped me abt his visit to Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar, his itneraction with slum youth so i reluctantly ventured all the way to Ghatkopar.

Suddenly some news person told us casually that Rahul is travelling by train fm Andheri to Dadar. For few seconds we took it lightly, then it was either Dadar or Bandra. My friend from TOI asked me & we rushed. I’ve not run like this even school for athletics sports event. I ran, my sides still hurt. Then zoomed on friend’s bike & we were descending the bridge at Ghatkopar platform no1, when i see starched white clad Rahul Gandhi like snow walk cooly. Smiling at one and all! it was magical, second only to Tendulkar’s experience on Wankhede stadium. There is something abt these youth.

Suddenly the ONLY buzz at the station was ‘Rahulji,’ “ohh look, he’s there” “yeahhh, i saw him,” after he looked at any girl & smiled, one actually jumped, “I saw him, I saw him.” One wanted to shake hands with him & when he did, she must’ve fainted. The police were all gushing about him. The women and men alike. Most males found Rahul ‘cool,’ “he’s a dude man, travelled in locals,” said few others.

The fact that Rahul set aside security concerns, Sena’s threats & quietly travelled by local trains, he has conquered the hearts of Bombayites, Mumbaikars. Only stray few absolute chutiyam sulphates (pl see Ishqiyaa to know wot it means) have reacted negatively. Symbolic gestures or otherwise, this man means business & the Cong party is grooming him for the future. Only hope he does more than Obama has for US, after all those tall talks.

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