Just some thoughts on terror violence

Is this justice?
Your mind is focussed as you lift the gun
Like a toy in your hand you point at everyone
What makes you want to kill innocent or they a cause for you?
Your silence shows your simmering anger

Your bullets have ripped apart a child
The mother weeps as she too wants to end her life
The father is writhing in ire
he is sure he wants you dead

Your bullets killed a bride
The colour of her mehendi still wet green
Her new husband is now a widower
Her family wants revenge

Your bullet killed an old man
His family is left distraught
His grandchild looks listless
She wants to learn what wrong did her dada do?

Did you see the blood & gory stills you left behind on the streets?
Did you see the brains you splintered with such ease?
Did you see how many families you let broke?
Are you finally at peace?

A mother after all
She beats her heart & chokes her breath
This mother has not moved from her son’s death bed
All she can see are remains of the son’s clothes
Her robe is smeared with her son’s blood, which is also hers

The mother is confused as television repeatedly plays the visuals
She is angry as her son is called a ‘terrorist’
She , the mother only believes her ‘son’ is dead
But they won’t let her be in peace

Her husband fell prey to a bullet from across
Their lives ended as the death was used by all
Mother was left as the son disappeared
Son wanted justice & used the gun for want of answers

She knew she would have to face this moment one day
But she surely wasn’t prepared for such violence
She wanted justice, but all she got was two heart breaks
She believed in peace but all she saw was her son being blown into pieces
She had faith, but felt lost; Finally the mother felt abused by all

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