All figuratively speaking

When in school we learnt the complexities of English language & it’s grammar, a lot was always said, “Figuratively speaking…” i would see circles, squares & triangles or shapes in the clouds, skies, chippings of our walls. That Were figures for me!

As i grew up the ‘figuratively’ speech & naunces i tried to grasp. Then came economics, credit interest, rates, which were other newer figures i began studying. Then came size Zero, minus, hour glass, pear-shaped, guava shaped & apple shaped figures, wc i am told are real figures speaking…! So like modern life, English lang got complex.

Now what i am going to tell is of various transactions that took place in my economic life, that can be translated across rest of my life & living. I bought a home. YES! Its come true, these were mere talks, dreams, like many others. I NEVER would have believed, still can’t that i ACTUALLY own a house. Thanks to the press club scheme, i did NOT have plead, take special out of the way help or anything like that. When the whole process was on, wc is after submission of over 1000 pages of xeroxed, original papers, came the ‘figurative’ part.

The whole transaction has been totally 100% white. I sold my shares, raised Rs 5.50 lacs initial down payment, which was in cheque. The shares were on paper, since in demat format, there is nothing physical to prove or feel the shares worth nearly Rs 3.50 lacs. The remaining were from savings & investments. All these savings were again just on paper. Nothing till i withdraw came in hard cash.

When i sold the shares around pre-Diwali time, the Bombay stock market was really high…bullish. I knew i had advantage & my friend told me sell now. The money after selling looked nice in the account. Quite a few zeroes. Again on paper or something one can access on the laptop or PC.

Then came THE day to make that payment to MHADA of rs 5.50 lacs. My hand would reach that cheque & kept holding it in the Bank cashier window…eyeing it as if it were handsome man i have to let go of. It was a paper (cheque) that stated the amount which i handed over…i came back & checked through the net my savings account.

My heart leapt..suddenly, quite a few zeroes had reduced to fewer zeroes. There was some money remaining…but obviously tremendously less. all this was on paper again.
As if this shocker wasn’t enough came the time to take my loan from another bank. It wasn’t much running around, except more pursuance. When the loan was sanctioned i would safely cart those cheques in my bag…worth quite a few lakhs. Suddenly from zero i was a millionaire. But all on paper, in liquid cash…ZERO.

The new cheques were deposited in MHADA to various agencies & banks. I was left again with lesser money, as now there is a huge cut in my salary. The salary again on paper gets deposited to my account, before i know various bills, cuts are made & mainly the EMI gets cut from that salary. Now all that is ‘figuratively’ speaking. This is figuratively speaking, all dealing transparent, white, but all that i have NEVER counted actually or seen in bundles…paper to paper, figure to figure exchange or zeroes….what i am left with at the end of the day however is muuuch lesser money to spend & access to.

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