Paid leave

When it is time to take leave have noticed the usual looks, queries galore & presumptions more than asked for? “Are you quitting neeta?” “Where are you going?” “Why are you taking leave now?”

Have never understood why Indians are so very inquisitive. I’ve always asserted my right to take my leave. I may just NOT go anywhere. I don’t think i’d like to spend.. now that i have an EMI But i am a born nomad i strongly believe. I can’t stay rooted to some place, as my CV too shows.

So now especially as i have to deal with the most laborious task of sticking onto my last job -well since last 5 years! phew i sound bored…i decided before i’m forced to go on leave i should.

I’m NEVER my best in summers. Believe me it takes immense self-control on my part I simply get bogged down & this year’s been the toughest. I feel bad though that 3 days of my paid pleave have gone waste in resting. Yes dear me! I was laid down by fever, cough & cold. No better day than my own birthday. After over a decade i’ve fallen ill on the night of my b’day. My male friend quipped, “Yeah it happens when one day you exert yourself by cooking all the dishes.” Yes. i agree.

I believe i am NOT born to do everything. I can’t be expected to cook, clean, swap, wash vesles & the urrgghhhh clothes & as if it’s not enough, even cook. To save my life i’d be caught dead doing all of it. I bless James Dyson to come close to making some sort of clothes washer way in 1930s.

That apart, having stated the original creator, it has to be a man to do all this sort of work. So when loads of it befalls on me, i simply wilt under pressure. I can do any amount of research, investigations, use of mental, intellect & creative talent but i don’t much posses energy for more of domestic chores.

Do i look down on them? No. But i seriously believe i’ve a good eye, nose & taste for buying fresh veggies, fruits, flowers & accessories. I’m good at ludging all of it too. I’m sure my women folk bless me for it. So i do believe when i’m on leave i should be either travelling, or simply RESTING.

I’ve done that. My only motivation to get up in the morning is the gymn. Not that i look forward to it. Especially when i’ve a twit of a gal instructor thin, with NO body shape asking if i’ve weighed myself. I glare, give a serious glare & inform – I’m here to get fit NOT for weight loss. If i’m ever asked to weigh myself i will take back my fees & get out at that very moment. I could see her shiver at the thought of ever repeating this question to me again.

Now this is a week into my leave. Before i’ve even stepped out of my office its been passed around that Neeta has quit the newspaper. I hope their wish comes true, very soon. But as of now, sorry honies ponies…i’m here to hound you everyday. When asked where am i going visiting in this heat? I say, Mukkam Post, GIRGAUM. I’m asked, “Whats a mukkam post!”

Lol! I thought i’m living in India….mera Bharat mahan. So i explain, i’m staying put in my parent’s house, Girgaum. Why?? is the next question; considering i don’t show even fraction of curiosity in other people’s lives i fail to understand why others are soooo curious abt mine. Am i not travelling, why do i moan abt my loan…blah blah.

SO i wonder if these are workers, employees? Do they know the definition of workers, of one’s rights as worker. Whether editor or writer, one is at the same level, a worker. One has certain rights which one needs to exert, or fulfill depends on one’s situation. I requested & i got my leave sanctioned. I want to cleanse myself mentally & emotionally. I want to go back refreshed & with renewed energy. My energy levels are sapped beyond imagination right now. However sadly with corporatisation of journalism, writers, deskies & journalists have forgotten their basic option – paid leave…all the best…while i do plan on going to Pune & visit tigers…see ya

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