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Vata Pornima

CD, papa i missss you. Remember how we fondly would bitch about all those girls who’d go to a vatacha zaad, tree & tie a string in your name. You NEVER married anyone. However all your girl fiends hallucinated being married to you, something that drove you faaaar away fm them. They didn’t learn to leave you free.

Every Vata pornima i remember how u’d call, “Mama today is vat pornima, don’t meet me, don’t make fun of my girl firends ok, i too won’t also bitch about them. They are going to starve,” and we’d laugh…”aai ga. Mama what to do? how to stop them?” finally we’d conclude they are such a waste to lose one’s mind & sleep over. I’d tell him, Papa I am going to tip-off friends of trees against your girlfriends. They all need to be arrested “karan tya zadala ghatta avaltat.” They tie the tree so tightly in the name of CD, that they choke the tree ya.

Vata savitri pornima was one of the most entertaining day for my bachchu, Papa & me. It was actually traumatic for papa because all the things he despised; that which women should NOT do, his girl friends would end up doing. causing him much distress. He never acknowledged them publicly, these girls shared one space of the remaining in his life. So he never tolerated them trying to display brazenly that they actually shared his life, when no one could claim that. Women are diffuclt species & they find it tough to understand these things about males, wc cuts across all race -animals, bords, humans.

Each person close has some space in that man’s life. No claimants. So when husbands actually expect their women wife, mother, MIL, etc to fast & do this kadwa thing, it’s a hypocritical act on their part. They are actually lying. This is just an act they want on the part of the women married in their life to claim it. They don’t appreciate it otherwise. Why then do they indulge in such rituals? They do not appreciate public display of affection or even signs on part of their wives to show they are a coupple, but Karwah chauth, is a must.

Now Papa’s gone, 2 years since his death. DO these women still go & tie the string around vata tree? Do they still fast? Do they still compete with each other to want such a man as their husband in every birth, despite the fact he was UNMARRIED? sad…pathetic…the women suffocated Papa when he was alive wt their antics, shamed him actually, it was just that he had a wonderful sense of humour & that saved him…our total bitchy cynicism that kept our wit going without losing it…miss you CD/Papa