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Ok, where do i start? I do’t know if I am happy that Barrack Obama is coming to amchi B’bay. For lot of reasons. I do not thing that this visit is going to improve politics, policy changes -like helping agriculture to boost, economy to give more space to our poor, create more jobs for non-qualified for small plot owners cum farmers toiling for SURVIVAL; it will not help getting more income for those who are being outsourced at one tenth the pay for some god forsaken American company.

More so Obama’s visit won’t aide FDI in media, they won’t be coming down to India to set up shops, they still prefer China which dictates terms & doesn’t seem sooo spineless like us Indians.

Obama’s visit will add to plenty of our woes. Want me to get started? I’m really wanting to give it out. We Indians have NO concept of security, protection, body guards, using intelligence to judge, anticipate & quell. We believe in RESTRICTION. So we have baton-wielding police who HAVE to only maintain law & order. Who are NOT trained for terror combat, intelligence gathering, being clas A detectives, intercepting. Please we believe restrict movement, keep out own people away & STOP even a fly from getting near Obama.

Our reputation is widely known. What false pride we gloat in about democracy? We have failed to provide safe drinking water to our poor since the birth of our independence. SO Obama even brings his own water. Wow! Hope the over awed by Obama Americans see through the expenditure of this trip which is gonna cut deep into the US tax payers pockets.

Also, i am told there are 16 technologies exclusively with US, they happily give it to some countries including China. We are NOT favourites bhai log. We get ONLY 6 technologies. NOt all of IT even is given to us. Pittance or peanuts that is outsourced from us at appallingly low costs. It would shame their policy makers to pay an American citizen, but we are Indians you know.

Ok, i still do NOT agree to the American policy overall on counter-terrorism. It is the world is either with them or against. Boss, i give a damn. I’m NOT interested in your country’s woes. We have enough to worry of our own. You had 1 9/11 & for 700 generations you won’t let us forget, NOT that we even want to. But let me remind you we’ve had 9 times more terror, extremist attacks. Far worse & violent. Including a Kargil war. Far worse or rather worst has been Bhopal gas tragedy.

While this Warren Anderson frolicks in Panama islands is spotted despite Interpol order then how does it rate him any better than Dawood Ibrahim or Tiger Memon? They were responsible for ’93 blasts. Anderson fled & worse still was allowed to flee by ball-less, gaand fattu politicians who let him free out of India. Three generations of gas tragedy victims are physically affected, forget the mental, emotional & psychological scars. Worse still they have got NO justice. And if we raise this issue, the American officials tell us, “There are no permanent friends or enemies.” You must learn to forget & move on.

Boss, the most famous words of an American scholar are, “DOn’t forget your history.” Why should i forget my history? the truth especially? Will Obama hand over Anderson to India?

Why should he force us to support America over Iran? They first allow Saddam to go out of hand, then bump him off without a trial. Then give us Anderson, we too will bump him off. Without a trial for chemical leak, as worse or more than chemical warfare which was NEVER proved.

They want a hardocre islamist regime to fall in Iran….why? Let their people decide. Why is US interested in the middle east? Why becoz all American presidents have benami shares in oil companies? Why bcoz the US & jew economy runs on oil warfare & Anti-Islamist war?

I don’t know soooo many scores of answers. I don’t hold Obama responsible for them. But i do hold their country’s faulty policies. They arm twist us to reduce creidt rate, reduce interests on all our savings, FDs, privatise everything & now they re-consider it wanting to revert to nationalised banks! huh…do they think we are uneducated, illiterate, ill-informed population?? I don’t know really speaking.

They force some ridiculous policies like large dams wc we protest & are termed anti-development, some SEZ scam which covers green arable land, for mortals it means agricultural land. They want cement jungles & then cry hoarse about climate change. Hello our tribals aren’t fools. They are being organised & then you’re termed Communist. I give an ant’s arse. I do oppose these half baked ideas & policies.

Why should a land holding, poor, illiterate hand-mouth existence farmer wash someone else’s toilet & clean their fucking shit? DO it ourselves. The farmer holds piece of land. He deserves more respect, defintiely 5 times market price, bcoz any company would make 10 more profits. But then it is termed as conspiracy.

I only know the poor are icnerasing by the day. India is only IMPORTING. we have NOTHING to offer to the world. Those educated want their children to study & run abroad by ‘hook or crook.’ It is sad.

SO we bend forwards & backwards. Call Obama. Prostrate before him, pao padao, let them arm twist us & we spend over 200 crores on his visit while millions starve.

Obama is competing in a beauty contest? He says, “One leader I would’ve liked to dine with was Gandhiji.” World peace! He won it too…hahaha