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Star struck

We all love heroes they say. Some of us love sports people, some their parents, some their neighbourhood heroes, hoodlums & most love actors. As part of news or journalism field, i’ve met many, many interesting people, known faces, people, stars & sports personalities. I’m one for ordinary people who are real heroes..but i have my major likes who are primarily sports persons. One doesn’t need to behave star struck, that was one thing i have always believed. May be because the kind of family i came from. We have seen people, my father has taken pics of who’s who in this country & city & me too have met people across the globe…

yesterday one Ms Katrina Kaif visited DNA office. Our newspaper office. It was a sight. Coz here was this frail, very tall, very very fair girlie smiling, walking with an air of confidence around or office. Mary’s little, tall & plenty of lambs followed her around. We’ve had stars & celebs coming to our office before. Priyanka chopra came once in track pants & jacket, straight from the gym ha..she walked in with our former director of the company, Pradeep Guha. Then Riya sen, Rakhi sawant who created quite a flutter, then Piggy Chops came yet again…then few others. This Kaif created a stir.

Star struck employees came running. Best part was the HR department of DNA was present in full numbers. The head of HR actually asked the other girlies if they saw ‘katrina kaif. Bahut sundar hai na woh?’ she exclaimed. My irritation was that HR dept is for the welfare of the employees. One should see how the HR of news organisations behave. They either order around, snap, DONT react or simply look through us. Yeah…one must read their letters all the DONTS of internet etiquettes they follow to the last tee. They are simply entertaining. I ofcorz commented aloud, “Instead of looking so star struck may be they need to give some attention to the employees.” One thing they forget is that they too are employees, but i guess they feel they should save the company’s money everywhere.

Sadly, the whole dept that called kaif was present in large numbers. They tried to ‘talk’ to her. It was next to impossible i am told. Because star quotient said she doesn’t read newspapers – i am just NOT surprised. She speaks with a cocky accent, not sure wc part of the world or countries. Then she was asked if she read the lifestyle/entertainment supplement of DNA. She said yes (oops! Me thinks she forgot it still is a newspaper, although a supplement…chaah…we’ll appraise her of the details in due course). Asked which section she reads, she said ‘astro’ part…gues Marjorie orr still has a hold over many people. The conversation i am told is to that effect.

What amused me was senior women journalists or writers, mostly deskies excitedly got up to see her. Oh did i mention all in a single file? Their teachers will be proud of them. I was always scatter brained, dyslexic & prankster so there never was a file in my perception…all wanted to haul me out of my chair. Why should i? I don’t want to see her, i’ve seen as she walked up & down with not less than 50 following her like puppy dogs. I certainly was NOT going to do such a thing.

I was told by ‘women’ ofcorz that i am simply jealous. FOr what i still haven’t a clue. “she’s pretty admire her common neeta.” were some of the comments made. I agree she looks pretty on the screen, she’s got good height, wears really high shoes, is extremely fair -& yes i have a problem to that. I don’t think far too highly of fair people in this country…- also im not dumbstruck by her. I’m NOT fond of her. I would have liked to meet her were to pass by…guess i’ve to start feeling star

BigB Fight

Now BigB stnads for THE Amitabh Bachchan. A superstar, who nearly every Indian worships & thinks as the master of acting. I have my reservations…because i feel since few years he has stopped acting & is upto to antics. Moreover i judge actors, stars-yeah i do judge-for a whole lot of things- the ease with which they take their stardom, conduct themselves, how less hypocritical they are or not, how they deal with publicity, malicious or good, how they come across & who they try to portray themselves, whom do they hob nob with, what are the kind of people they have businesses with…etc etc. Simply b’coz damit half the world’s population looks up to these icons, or morons.

In case of BigB as he is termed. He really is humility personified. errr…wait pl do read his blog for further clarifications. He rips apart the persons, he doesn’t even spare women. Why should he right? He gets personal & so personal (in case of a North Indian writer from the Times Group has been subjected to some references that concern her physicality!)that his own so-called humility sounds fake. He lets out some secret, personal stuff then waits to see reactions of the public & media, whom he thinks he can manipulate like puppets. Most often it backfires. Like in the case with his daughter-in-law’s poor man’s illness that has become a rich man’s illness…oh didn’t you guess?? Tuberculosis!! Didn’t know it’s a taboo. So the tabloid printed it saying why she can’t get preggers.

He’s been hyperventilating now boycotting the group’s awards. Ohhh lala…so much for his dimplomacy! the world has a lot to say about this paternalistic, over-protective father-in-law. Personal Life, me NOT interested…not at all

But yes his associations, dabbling in various businesses, i am truly surprised that BigB has not been put behind bars. He was helped ably & lifted out of a financial mess by the besaharon ka ‘sahara group.’ Who runs reportedly drug cartels, he funds the mafia & has all malicious & shady dealings. No wonder he could pump millions into a fledgling companhy called ABCL.

Delhi political circles since 1984 are abuzz with stories of how BigB was given the Bofors kick back money, wc he NEVER returned to Sonia Gandhi (widow of slain Rajiv Gandhi, former PM, old pal of Bachchan), who obviously has got back at this man. At her daughter’s wedding, from what i heard in Delhi BigB was never invited to hand over-do kanyadaan of Priyanka. He forcibly took on this duty.

these all issues obviously have kept the man tainted. As if it is not enough, Now BigB has become ambassador for Gujarat, Narendra Modi’s state. A chief minister who has instigated, abbetted crimes against Muslims, women, allowed cold blooded murders, deaths, uncouth rape & murders of women, foetuses & children. The same Modi who has blood on his hands, has turned around his state after the murders. He even got a couple murdered with a sweet girls Ishrat Jahan fm Mumbra whom he got termed as terrorist! This BigB has gone & joined the team.

If we say the Jews were treated in the most inhuman manner & Hitler is held responsible, this man Modi is in the same league as Hitler. If any artiste had been associated with Hitler he would have surely been run down. But this doesn’t happen in the case of BigB. It is raved & written with utmost respect. this baffles me.

Having said this i do not discount the fact that the country nearly went into depression when he was seriously injured, but like a friend tells me, “His time had not come, that is why he did not die,” the poor stuntman who kicked him wrongly, has been doomed for life though…but here we are dealing with one man whose real self he himself may or may not know…but his ghostly aura definitely tries to overpower every sane person’s thinking.