Devastating Malaria

You know when we were really tiny, many would split into giggles if someone told us they got malaria. hehehe she got loveria…now she says malaria. I can well understand their angst. On 31st July i was under weather. Went out wt Ranjib & Sujata to do merry, get wet & enjoy the last day of working with DNA.

On Sund i was more under weather, bones ached & felt as if im getting the flu or viral fever. Same symptoms. My cousin came to give me a nice box massage wc just leaves me relieved all dead to the world. By night i’d eaten early, taken steam, had a crocin & went to sleep. I felt the fever rise. Being alone – yeah its a pain, missed aai & baba- had to be more alert & spoke to family doc cum family friend reg what to take.

Was under pressure, had not signed up for the new job & Aug 2nd was my D day. to join at NewsX bureau as Mumbai head. However there was lot more oending work. Since few days there had been severe water seepage fm the ceiling & walls in the toilet & loo. I kept putting old chaddars, cloths..water got collected & i was spraying the anti-pest spray…feared mosquitoes coming there.

By monday i was kind of shivering & 2 friends had psyched me into going for blood test. First day of a new job as head of Mumbai. My apetite was fine, but health was bad. I began shivering, covered fm head to toe, covered my head wt pull over hood & then 3ish i left office. I walked into Bio-Tech pathology lab & asked them to take my blood sample.

They say when you have malaria fever & shiver that is the time to get your blood tested. The dr Mayur Parekh outright refused to take my blood. I was shaking & said why don’t you realise, can’t you see im shivering, have 103 deg fever. No he refused outright -prick- he can’t turn down customer who’s come suo moto. ALso its my body, my blood what’s a risk in that? That rude pathologist insisted i call my family doc. He wanted to talk.. my doc had just returned fm hard day & was in the kitchen, i had no energy. Came home opened doors & windows for light & air, took a blanket & fell on the sofa.

My fever was Fluctuating b/w 103-104 deg temp & headaches that made me think my brains wld split into tiny particles. I was scared i’d get celebral malaria. What’s wt our city? why are we in this world still being stung by mosquitoes? The repairs contractor in my bldg got the sound hearing of his life. He came to my house wt his long drawn face.

This is ridiculous..we are in astate of unaccountability is all i can say. Anyways the good samaritan friends were up the whole night putting ice packs to bring down my fever. Crippling to say the least. Im glad to be over it. Main reason – doc threatened to put me in the hospital. I’ve been weak for a week. Gaining strength by the day.

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